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Safety Needles Vs. Traditional Needles
Safety Needles Vs. Traditional Needles

According to a study published in the Canadian journal of infectious diseases and medical microbiology, the prevalence of Needle stick Injuries (NSIs) among healthcare workers is as high as 56% globally.

Healthcare professionals are at constant risk of an NSI. Getting pricked by a needle can be dangerous and, in some cases, fatal. NSIs can spread infectious diseases like Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B or HIV with bloodborne pathogens.

 Those working with hypodermic needles are especially prone to this injury while disassembling or disposing of needles after use. And with healthcare professionals leading busy schedules and in stressful environments, attention to needles can sometimes be compromised.

The safety needle was introduced to prevent NSIs and improve the lives of healthcare workers and patients. Here’s a look at some of HMD healthcare’s Dispojekt safety needle range.

Dispojekt Safety Needle

These come with a Sharp Injury Prevention Shield, which considerably reduces the chances of accidental needle pricks. All the healthcare professional has to do is pull the shield back, use it and then push the cover back to secure the needle within the plastic encasing.

This plastic, transparent covering ensures the safety of the healthcare worker as well as the patients by preventing any further unintentional use of the needle.

Moreover, our Dispojekt safety needle doesn’t require the healthcare professional to work any differently. It only has an added safety covering over the needle but works like a traditional needle. This is especially useful as no new training has to be conducted for this product. Here are some of its defining features.

  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use
  • Siliconized needle to reduce penetrations and gliding force
  • Precise three-bevelled needle for added patient comfort
  • Transparent safety mechanism that is compatible with single-hand use
  • Available in thin wall regular bevel
  • Available in 22G and 23G gauge size
  • Colour coded for easy identification and according to ISO 6009 standards

Safety needles are an essential need in today’s medical climate. With the burden on the healthcare sector increasing, new, improved and safe medical devices are the need of the hour. HMD healthcare’s premium dispojekt safety needle delivers just that. 

To Sum Up

Safety needles improve on the traditional needle design to bring greater safety for healthcare workers and patients. Our Dispojekt safety needles are a means to this end.

We at Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices (HMD) aim to improve the lives of patients and healthcare professionals by providing advanced medical instruments meeting top industry standards. With an experience of over six decades, our products are designed as highly reliable safety instruments, keeping in mind the hectic and demanding schedules followed by medical professionals.

HMD is also the largest manufacturer of auto-disable syringes worldwide and supplies to UNICEF for its immunisation initiatives. With safe, reliable and accurate medical equipment, HMD continues to lead in the medical manufacturing industry.

To learn more, visit our website or contact us today!

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