Understanding the Uses and Advantages of Scalp Vein Sets
scalp vein set

A Butterfly or scalp vein set, also known as a winged infusion set, is a specialized device used for drawing blood from a vein and giving medication or intravenous (I.V.) therapy into a vein. It consists of a very fine hypodermic needle, two flexible “wings” – resembling the wings of a butterfly – flexible transparent tubing, and a connector. The connector is attached to another device i.e. to a vacuum tube or collection bag to draw blood, or to extension tubing from an infusion pump or IV bag to deliver medication and fluids.
While all scalp vein sets carry a similar design, there are variations. Newer models include a slide and lock safety device to prevent accidental needle-stick injuries and reuse of used needles, which transmit infectious disease such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C. Though properly secured butterfly needles can be left in a vein for up to seven days, they are more frequently used for short-term infusions.
Scalp vein sets are primarily used for the following:
Venipuncture or the collection of blood from a vein to obtain blood samples for tests and at blood banks on blood donors. Scalp vein sets are commonly used to perform difficult venipuncture procedures such as in older adults, children, and infants.
I.V. hydration or delivery of intravenous fluids if a patient is dehydrated and cannot drink fluids or cannot ingest enough to compensate for fluid loss.
For delivering I.V. medication – such as pain medications – and for I.V. therapies such as chemotherapy or antibiotics.
It has multiple uses in plastic surgery including for irrigation of wound, Saline infusion, and Continuous suction drain among others.
Recent as well as older studies have demonstrated that scalp vein sets offer several advantages:
Thanks to its flexible tubing, a scalp vein set can reach more body surface and tolerate more patient movement than a straight, simple needle.
Because of its small size and shallow-angle design – which enable precise placement – it is able to access very superficial veins or poorly accessible veins such as hand, foot, wrist, and scalp veins. This also makes the butterfly needle less painful and more suitable for accessing small and narrow veins, such as those of babies and the elderly.
According to a recent study, using a scalp vein set to draw blood reduced rates of blood breaking down by half compared to using an I.V. catheter for drawing a blood sample.
Using a scalp vein set reduces the likelihood of a patient experiencing profuse bleeding, a vein collapse, or nerve injury after a blood draw. It has also been found to be more advantageous for persons with bleeding disorders such as hemophilia.
Research has shown that using a butterfly vein set is less associated with causing blood breakdown – and destroying a blood sample – as compared to IV catheters.
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