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What Do the Numbers on The Scalpel Blades Indicate
What Do the Numbers on The Scalpel Blades Indicate

Scalpel blades are an irreplaceable medical instrument for healthcare professionals. Also known as surgical blades, they are used to cut skin tissue during medical procedures. Each scalpel blade has a particular function. And for easy recognition and quicker procedures, scalpel blades have numbers engraved into them.

These numbers indicate the shape and size of the scalpel blade. While the common person may not see a substantial difference between two scalpel blades, these numbers determine precision and accuracy for trained medical professionals.

In the operation theatre, where time is limited, and there is no excuse for mistakes, having scalpel blades numbered is extremely useful.

We at HMD healthcare offer a wide range of scalpel blades for smoother medical procedures.

Identification of Scalpel Blades

There are eight different scalpel blades, each individually numbered and serving a specific function. Let’s look at each of these.

Scalpel Blade #10

It has a large, curved edge and cuts soft tissue. The scalpel blade #10 is ideal for procedures requiring large incisions.

Scalpel Blade #11

This has an elongated, triangular-shaped blade, with the hypotenuse being the sharpest edge.  Due to its peculiar shape, it is usually used for making short incisions that need to be precise and shallow.

Scalpel Blade #12

This blade has a curved design with a small, pointed shape. The crescent shape makes it ideal for cutting sutures due to better accessibility. The edge of this blade is on the inside of the curve.

Scalpel Blade #15

The scalpel blade #15 is used for making short incisions. It has a unique shape with a small, curved cutting edge. It has a slightly rounded shape compared to the scalpel blade #12.

Scalpel Blade #20

This large curved blade allows the healthcare professional to make cuts or puncture skin tissue efficiently.

Scalpel Blade #21

The blade is similar to scalpel blade #20. It also has a large curved blade and is used for puncturing or cutting skin tissue. It is only distinguished from the scalpel blade #20 in its slightly more elongated design.

Scalpel Blade #22

It is the larger version of the scalpel blade #10. The #22 has a flat, unsharpened back edge and is used to make large incisions in thicker skin.

Scalpel Blade #23

This is a large blade that is narrower than the #21 and #22 with a sharper tip.

Why Choose Us?

Each scalpel blade has a particular function. Where one is used to make a small incision, another is used to make a large cut through thicker skin.  Using the wrong scalpel blade during a procedure can compromise the patient’s health. And so, numbering each scalpel blade helps in its quick identification and quality healthcare.

We at Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices (HMD) not only provide high-precision scalpel blades that meet international standards. With our 65 years of experience, our medical instruments and devices are designed to deliver accuracy and ease of use.

To learn more about our products, visit our website or contact us today!

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