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Why Do Butterfly Needles Hurt Less When Drawing Blood?
Why Do Butterfly Needles Hurt Less When Drawing Blood

Blood collection and testing is an essential requirement when treating a patient. Blood must be drawn for laboratory analysis to ensure correct diagnosis and monitoring of bodily functions. But as necessary as the procedure is, it can also be painful for patients.

To minimise patient discomfort, many healthcare professional use butterfly needles. Also known as winged infusion sets or scalp vein sets, these needles ensure greater accuracy while being much less painful for the patient.

Why Do Butterfly Needles Reduce Pain?

A butterfly needle is used by healthcare professionals to draw blood as well as to administer intravenous (IV) medications. It is a thin needle with two plastic appendages on either side that resemble a butterfly’s wings, hence the name.

This winged tubing system reduces patient discomfort by facilitating greater accessibility and flexibility. The small needle gauge and bevelled edge with the two plastic wings offer ease of use to phlebotomists during venepuncture. As against straight needles, the angled butterfly needle allows more room for the healthcare professional to locate and puncture the vein.

These are ideal for treating patients suffering from seizures, unrestrained tremors, or blood disorders due to their innovative design that enables quicker and safer blood collection.

Further, these needles can be helpful in the treatment of children, and the elderly, whose veins could be thin and difficult to puncture.

The innovative design of the butterfly needles ensures the safety of both the healthcare professional and the patient. With the proper technique, they can limit needlestick injuries and prevent the spreading of infectious diseases. And the thin needle reduces the pain of puncture considerably. Moreover,

The gauge for most butterfly needles ranges from 18 to 27. The higher the gauge, the thinner the needle will be.

Wrapping Up

Butterfly needles offer a closed system that facilitates safe specimen collection with minimum pain. With thin walls that improve blood flow rate, this needle provides an effective and secure way to collect blood. Its short bevel also prevents cross-vein perforation.

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