Let’s be smart and learn how to self-examine breasts

Let’s be smart and learn how to self-examine breasts

It is very important for all the women to know their breasts so that they can state the changes and can diagnose the early stages of breast cancer and can self-examine. Firstly, if you find any changes you should consult a doctor or self- examine is a way to check your breast for changes, such as lumps or thickening. Now the very important question is that how do you do a breast self – examine. It has been found out that women aren’t aware of the term self examine or how to self-examine. Monthly self-examine is one part of total breast care that includes annual physician exams and mammograms after age 40.

Workshops can be one medium which would help enlighten women about its very importance to know how it works and what are its benefits. Here’s how we can do it:

1. Stand in front of the mirror and have a close look at any changes like size or shape or change in skin texture of the nipples and look for any discharge by squeezing the nipples. For instance:

breast cancer awareness







2. Raise your left arm and with your right hand, examine every part of your breast. Move upwards in small circles, using the pads of your index and middle finger.

3. Gently touch and see if there are any lumps or thickenings.

4. Apply moisturizer and move your hand in a circle and gently massage the area, feel your breast for lumps or any changes.

5. Lay down, put a pillow under a right shoulder and your right hand behind your head. Again gently massage your breast for any lumps or any other changes. Repeat with a towel under left shoulder with the left hand behind your head.

Follow the steps as shown below:

 breast cancer





But it is said that women should do self-examine after their period’s end and women who use oral contraceptives should do breast self-examine on the first day of a new pill pack. Breast self-examine should be a part of every women’s life. And especially mothers should educate their daughters about the importance of breast self exam so it will become a routine part of their lives.

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