DispoVan Pen Needle

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Why reuse a PEN NEEDLE, when (DISPO VAN) makes it affordable for single use?

Features of Precision engineered DISPOVAN STERILE SINGLE USE® PEN NEEDLE

  • Extra thin wall
  • Ergonomic shape for improved skin contact and grip
  • Multi-bevel, tapered point
  • Flat base designed to improve skin contact and comfort

How to use DISPO VAN) Pen Needles?

Step 1: Take a new needle. Peel off the paper tab  

Step 2: Push the needle straight onto the pen. Rotate until it is on tight.

Step 3: Pull off the outer needle cap and keep it for later. You will need it after the injection to safely remove the needle from the pen.

Step 4: Pull off the inner needle cap and throw it away. If you try to put it back on, you may accidentally stick yourself with the needle. A drop of the medicine may appear at the needle tip. This is normal, but you must still check the flow.


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