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Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd
Founded in the year 1957, Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. is a manufacturer of cutting-edge medical devices for a highly demanding global market. HMD has set a benchmark when it comes to manufacturing a plethora of medical equipment, thus aiding medical experts to save and sustain human lives across the globe. All products manufactured at HMD plants are marketed through a highly regulated national distribution network, comprising more than 4500 authorized dealers, ensuring ready availability of every product from their inventory, even in the most secluded of the areas, backed up by value-adding customer support.

The following is the current list of HMD products.

As pioneers in manufacturing medical devices, HMD aims to maintain International Standards at all costs; thereby offering cutting-edge medical consumables to a highly demanding global market. Powered by a dedicated and meticulous Production Team, HMD achieves mass-production while matching the quintessential requirements of ISO 9001, ICMED 13485, ISO 13485 & MDSAP.