Late Mr. Narindra Nath

Late Mr.Narindra Nath is the founder of Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. He established HMD in 1957, thereby setting the benchmark of manufacturing and supplying a comprehensive range and sizes of Auto-Disable Syringes for the global market. His passion to redefine the healthcare domain helped him serve the medical profession with affordable world-class medical devices. All the more, his futuristic vision, in-depth knowledge of management, and his organizational expertise helped elevate the HMD  to greater heights.

Mr. Rajiv Nath
Managing Director

Mr. Rajiv Nath is the Managing Director of Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. He is also the President of All India Syringes & Needles Mfg. Association (AISNMA) and the Founder and Forum Coordinator at the Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED). Mr. Nath has traveled to more than 52 countries across the globe and has attended numerous meetings organized by WHO/ UNICEF/ ICASA/SIGN.

Mr. Sohail Nath

Mr. Sohail Nath is the Director of Operations at Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. He has a demonstrated history of working numerous Managerial Roles, prior to taking over as the Director of Operations at HMD. Sohail is highly skilled in Organizational skills, Market Research, Time Management, Teamwork, and Digital Marketing. He is a Bachelor`s degree holder in Supply Chains and International Business from Penn State University, Pennsylvania, USA.

Mr. Pardeep Kumar Sareen
Chief General Manager

Mr. Pardeep Kumar Sareen is the Chief General Manager of Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. He is also the Technical Officer at the Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED). Mr. Sareen is a subject matter expert in the medical device manufacturing domain exhibiting a mammoth 41 years experience. Apart from his expertise with the technicalities of manufacturing medical consumables for the world, he is also a people`s person with an affable personality. He is a think tank, always upfront with fresh thoughts, unique insights, and a bucket full of passion.

Mr. Mahavir Singh Sangwan
Senior General Manager – HR

Mr. Mahavir Singh Sangwan is the Senior General Manager – Human Resource at Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. He exhibits over 50 years of in-depth experience as a Human Resource Specialist. Mr.Sangwan has been associated with HMD for over 32 years. He promotes and carries out the entire gamut of human resource strategies in-lieu with company`s business plan by establishing departmental accountability, that includes, talent acquisition, staffing, employee process, performance management system, compensation, health, safety & welfare benefits, training & development, record management, succession planning, industrial and employee relations, and legal compliance & social requirements.

Mr. Rajan Khosla
CGM Operations

Mr. Rajan Khosla is the CGM Operations and Sr. General Manager of the Technical Department at Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. He demonstrates 27 years of experience, capable of leading a team of more than 3000 people. His in-depth knowledge and technical prowess help the organization improve its infrastructure and service immensely.

Mr. Dinesh Tandon
General Manager – Exports

Mr. Dinesh Tandon has more than 23 years of experience in international marketing of automobile components & medical devices and working with Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd for 10 years. He is the General Manager-Exports in HMD. He has in-depth understanding about the international sales and marketing. The exciting years of experience have given him ample insights that could help him achieve the business goals and sustain them with the effective marketing campaigns. He has been continuously working hard to get success by maximizing performance, driving growth, generating revenues, capturing market share and enhancing value for HMD and for India , world wide. His forte is prompt customer service backed by IT and in logistics.

Mr. Sushil Bhayana
General Manager – Materials

Mr.Sushil Bhayana is the General Manager – Materials at Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd With 34 years of experience in Procurement & Material Management and 11 years with HMD, he executes and supervises the process of planning and building excellent designs for the movement of materials. Mr.Bayana has been felicitated for his excellent work with numerous awards and accolades. For instance, he has received the Cost Saving Award, Service Award, and Overall Best Performance Award at HMD.

Mr. John Adcock
Managing Director – UK HMD Healthcare

Mr. John Adcock is the managing director of UK HMD Healthcare He has over 30 years of experience in global medical device regulatory affairs. And also serves as the Vice President of International Regulatory Affairs with US multinational Sherwood Medical before it became Tyco. He is an inspiring leader, known for turning complex processes and business initiatives into executable strategies. He has demonstrated the ability to lead organizations through extraordinary change, turn-around, and growth and continues to be a thought leader at HMD Healthcare Ltd. U.K.

Mr. Sam Kumar
Authorized Representative, USA

Mr. Sam Kumar has been the President and CEO of MYCO Medical since 1993. He is also an Authorized Representative USA. Mr.Kumar has been responsible for strategic vision, leadership, and corporate management. He is an expert in building relations and inroads in the complex organizations of GPO`s & Large Distribution Chains of the USA.