HMD’s Kojak auto-disable syringes are self-locking, sterile, non-toxic, and non-pyrogenic medical disposables made of high-quality polypropylene that comes in a variety of options for different applications. We incorporate a ring and break mechanism, which automatically breaks the plunger if a reuse of syringe is attempted. These state-of-the-art hypodermic syringes were designed in partnership with the world-renowned STAR Syringes, UK. Our auto-disable syringe is an affordable and reliable option that ensures the syringe is not used more than once, thereby reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infection. The auto-disable mechanism breaks the plunger upon its first use, making repeated use impossible. Our hypodermic syringes are easy to use and thus do not require any prior instruction, explanation, special training. Also, our syringes come pre-sterilised, eliminating the need for further sterilisation. Instruction for use are elaborated on product packaging  

Features of Kojak Auto-Disable Syringes:

      • Thin-walled needles with 3 facet lancet point for smooth and minimal pain penetration and withdrawal
      • Chemically inert gaskets suitable for short-term contact delivery application
      • Polypropylene syringes with markings for proper measurements
      • Ring and break mechanism to automatically break the plunger on its first use
      • fixed needle mechm for a secure fit and minimal leakage
      • Luer slip mechanism for administering thinner solutions
      • Available for both immunization and curative segments
Benefits of our Kojak Auto-Disable Syringes:
      • Mitigates the risk of cross-contamination and blood borne illnesses
      • The fixed needle ensures that the syringe can’t be used again.
      • Minimises healthcare costs at macro-level
      • Available in detachable and fixed needle variants
      • It can also be used for mixing drugs and medications
      • Available for both curative and immunisation use
      • Capacity ranges from 0.1 ml to 20ml
       “Protecting those who protect us”
  • Luer-Lok tip
    Our Luer-Lok tip is generally used for injections requiring a secure connection of the syringe to another device.
  • Luer slip tip
    Our luer slip tip provides a friction-fit connection that requires you to push and twist the syringe tip into the needle hub.

Key Highlights

  • Permits Aspiration (critical for subcutaneous Immunization Injections)
  • Can be used for reconstitution and mixing of drugs.
  • Available with any gauge of needle favored by the user.
  • Available in fixed as well as detachable needle design options.
  • Affordable


Size Needle size Who PQS No.
26G x 1/2”
*0.45 x 13
23G x 1”
*0.60 x 25
24G x 1″
0.55 x 25
22G x 1”
0.70 x 25


22G x 1 1/4”
*0.70 x 32
21G x 1 1/2”
0.80 x 38



Size Needle size Who PQS No.
0.1ml 26G x 3/8
0.45 x 1”
27G x 3/8
0.40 x 10
0.5ml 23G x 1”
0.60 x 25
1ml 26G x 1/2”
*0.45 x 13
23G x 1”
*0.60 x 25
24G x 1”
0.55 x 25
22G x 1”
0.70 x 25