Kojak Safety Box


HMD – Kojak Safety Box

Given the rising cases of NSIs (Needle Stick Injuries), the importance of the safe disposal of medical sharps cannot be overstated. Medical staffs across the country fall victim to accidental needle pricks every year, leading to the transmission of potentially fatal blood-borne diseases. To combat this growing problem, we at HMD have designed a dedicated safety box solely to dispose of medical sharps like needles and surgical blades. Using this, healthcare workers dispose of medical sharps safely, leaving no room for workers to accidentally come in contact with the sharps. The safety box comes with multi-lingual instructions and illustrations, requiring no additional training on the part of  health care workers. Here are some of the salient features:
  • It can be assembled easily without any training
  • Comes with multi-lingual instructions and illustrations on the box
  • Handle on the top for easier to reduce spillage and easier handling
  • Aligned with country-specific waste disposal guidelines
  • Made of high-quality white   duplex Kraft Board
  • Available in 5 and 10-litre capacities
  • WHO standard WHO/PQS/E10/SB01.1
  • Fit for both syringes with and without needles
Apart from all these features, our safety box also has superior board density and thickness, along with being tamper-proof, water-resistant, temperature resistant, and resistant to piercing. 

Key Highlights

  • The direction of use on the box in Multilingual Text as well as in Pictorial Directions with respect to Sequenced Code on Flaps.
  • Handle in the center avoids spillage during transportation.
  • For Disposal: As per country-specific waste disposal national policy guidelines.
  • Seal edges with Adhesive Surgical Tape in case the box is intended to be used to collect Surgical Blades.
  • Available in 5 liters and 10 liters.


S.No. Size of Syringe With Needle No. of Syringes without Agitation Without Needle No. of Syringes without Agitation Without Needle No. of Syringes with Agitation Without Needle No. of Syringes with Agitation
Box Size 5 ltr 10 ltr 5 ltr 10 ltr 5 ltr 10 ltr 5 ltr 10 ltr
1. 0.5ml/2ml 100 200 275 630 150 275 295 650
2. 5ml 65 120 140 320 120 190 170 360