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Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. (HMD) – Offerings

Founded in 1957, Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices Ltd. (HMD) has been serving the medical profession in India and internationally for more than six decades. Beginning with glass syringes manufacturing – a result of the very first Indo-Japanese collaboration in India – in 1959, we expanded our product line over the decades, the launch of each product signifying a milestone in the history of the company. At present, our major products are as follows – Hypodermic Syringes, I.V. Cannulas, Hypodermic Needles, Surgical Blades, Scalpels, Blood Collection Systems, and Scalp Vein Sets. We also manufacture a range of medical accessories. HMD Ltd. is currently one of the largest Disposable Syringe manufacturers in the world.

Hypodermic Syringes

Hypodermic Syringes are used to inject medication and draw blood from the human body. We at HMD Ltd. produce multiple varieties of Hypodermic Syringes including Single Use Syringes, Insulin Syringes, and Auto-Disable (AD) Syringes. The two types of Disposable Single Use Syringes offered are Dispo Van Single Use Syringes, and Unolok Single Use Syringes for luer mount and luer lock respectively. The Kojak Selinge is an Auto-Disable Hypodermic Syringe made in collaboration with M/s. Star Syringe Ltd., a U.K.-based company. Insulin Syringes include Dispo Van Insulin Syringes and Unolok Insulin Syringes.
Dispo Van Single Use Syringes: Manufactured as per IS: 10258/ ISO:7886-1, Dispo Van Single Use Syringes are the most in-demand single-use syringes in the Indian market.
The Unolok Single Use Syringes for luer mount and luer lock: The syringes are manufactured as per IS:10258 /ISO:7886-1 ensure secure fitment of the needle with the syringe, which makes it a safe single-use hypodermic syringe. The high-quality barrel and plunger ensure better retention as a result of the locking at the base. Insulin Syringes include Dispo Van Insulin Syringes and Unolok Insulin Syringes.

Intravenous (I.V.) Cannula

An Intravenous (I.V.) Cannula is a narrow tube that is put inside a vein. It is used for blood sampling, administration of medication, fluids, and chemotherapy. At HMD, three types of I.V. Cannulas are manufactured, namely, Safety, Non-safety, and Neo Pedeatrics.

Hypodermic Needle

A hypodermic needle is a narrow tube with a sharp tip that is used to extract fluids from the body and inject substances into it. Designed and manufactured in line with international standards, we at HMD offer a range of Hypodermic Needles – Dispo Van Single Use Needle, Unolok Single Use Needle, Dispo Van Pen Needle, and Vaku 8 Blood Collection Needles.

Blades & Scalpels

Blades & Scalpels are essential surgical tools used by doctors around the world. HMD’s range of Surgical Blades and Scalpels have been designed by experts to offer maximum precision and a smooth, sharp finish. Our wide variety of blades and scalpels include Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Blades and Stainless Steel Scalpel under the brand names Glass Van and Technocut.

Blood Collection Sets

Blood collection sets are meant for blood sampling for laboratory analysis. We at HMD manufacture a range of blood collection systems designed for efficient blood sampling and easy handling while minimizing pain. The different blood collection sets offered by us include the Vaku-8 Blood Collection Tube System (BCT), Vaku-8 Needle Tube (BCN), Vaku-8 Winged Tube, and Vaku 8+ safety Winged Tube.

Scalp Vein Set

A scalp vein set is a medical device meant for drawing blood and introducing a fluid into a patient’s vein. HMD manufactures a variety of non-safety Scalp Vein sets, designed to minimize chances of vein perforation during insertion. We offer the following types of scalp vein sets – Scalp Van S andUnolok .We are also manufacturing Safety Scalp Vein as Unolok + Scalp Vein Sets.

Medical Accessories

As complete surgical equipment manufacturers, we also specialize in manufacturing a range of medical accessories for use in hospitals and healthcare facilities to facility better healthcare equipment whilst promoting safety. These include Kojak Safety Boxes for disposal of medical waste including blades and needles and newly-launched Dispocann Alcohol Swabs.
As the country’s largest surgical instruments’ manufacturers, we have built a reputation for manufacturing and innovating low-cost, high-quality medical devices for doctors and patients the world over. All our products are designed by experts, based on the latest technology, and go through a stringent system of automatic various checks via digital cameras a human resources, ensuring the highest precision and quality in mass production.

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