• Saturated with 70% v/v Isopropyl Alcohol, HMD Alcohol Swabs are ideally used for the preparation of the skin prior to injection, to decrease germ and other contamination for preventing illness.

    Key Highlights
    • High-Quality Alcohol Swab
    • Pre-Moistened, Ready To Use
    • Non-woven Cellulose Swab saturated with 70% v/v Isopropyl Alcohol, swab size: 30X 60 mm
    • The alcohol helps disinfect the skin and other surfaces of potential sources of infection
    • Manufactured by M/s Mohan Health Care, Gurugram which is a contract supplier for HMD
  • HMD Pen Needles have been designed to improve user’s contact & comfort. The thin-walled lubricated needles minimize trauma & also improves the flow of medicament. The universal fit design permits use with all Insulin Pens.

    Key Highlights
    • Extra thin wall
    • Cannula made from imported cold-rolled stainless steel strips in-house
    • The tip of needles are grounded using high-precision CNC machines by skilled operators
    • Siliconized to minimise drag during penetration and withdrawal
    • Vision Camera check for burs, hook and blockage; ensures 100% automated quality control enabling superior sharpness to minimise pain
    • Assembled and packaged on totally automated machines
  • The Dispovan Single-use Hypodermic Syringes are one of the most in-demand single-use syringes in the Indian market. They are manufactured as per IS:10258/ ISO:7886-1.

    The use of a special piston makes the Dispovan Single-use syringe even more special. The inert Piston minimizes chances of leakage over the complete 5 years shelf life of the product.

    Key Highlights
    • 3 Piece Syringe
    • Luer Mount Syringe
    • Colored Plunger