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Achieve better patient comfort and enhance your diagnostic capabilities with HMD’s scalp vein infusion sets. Scalp vein sets, also known as butterfly vein sets or winged infusion sets, are medical devices that are primarily used for venipuncture. These get their name from two plastic wings attached on either side of the needle, resembling a butterfly. The wings enable easy handling and attachment with the skin. Moreover, the needle and the wings are attached to a medical-grade, non-toxic, and non-irritant tube. These scalp butterfly sets allow medical professionals to provide an accurate diagnosis since they reduce the chances of the blood breaking down. Also, they are pretty beneficial for collecting blood from patients with bleeding disorders. HMD provides cutting edge butterfly scalp sets, which meet all international standards for quality. What’s more, we offer various butterfly needle sizes, all under an affordable price tag.



HMD offers high-quality scalp vein sets under its two trusted brands – Scalpvan and Unolok.



Our Scalpvan scalp vein sets are ideal for administering medications and blood perfusion. It features a soft and flexible Luer mount adapter, along with a push-fit type of cap. The perfect geometry of the needle enables consistent blood flow with minimal trauma.

Here are some more features of our Scalpvan sets:

  • Siliconised needles for painless and precise penetration and blood withdrawal

  • It comes in PVC blister packaging

  • Translucent tube for easy observation

  • thin-walled needle provides a larger inner diameter for smooth infusion and flow

  • Has a short bevel to reduce chances of vein perforation



HMD has been selling scalp IV sets under the Unolok brand for three decades now. Our Unolok butterfly needles come with a unique wing design that allows for easy gripping and fixing. It also features a non-slippage design, enabling you to perform safe and secure blood collection and medication delivery. Other features of our Unolok scalp vein infusion set includes:

  • Translucent linking tube for easy observations

  • Perfect needle geometry for painless and precise operation

  • Siliconised needles for minimal friction

  • Short bevels to avoid vein perforation

  • PVC Luer mount for a secure fit



Apart from the host of features provided by Unolok scalp vein sets, our Unolok+ scalp vein sets ups the safety ante by providing an additional protective shield to prevent any accidental needle touches or pricks. Moreover, instead of a flexible Luer mount, Unolok+ butterfly needles come with a rigid PVC Luer adapter.


HMD has been a market leader in butterfly syringes for more than three decades now, thanks to our relentless commitment towards quality and customer service. All of our scalp vein sets are distributed through a highly-regulated national distribution network, which includes more than 4500 authorised dealers. So when it comes to availability, you have nothing to worry about!

So get in touch with us today to get more information on our state-of-the-art scalp vein infusion sets!


Can Scalp Van sets be used for blood perfusion?

No, Scalp Van sets are not typically used for blood perfusion.

How do scalp vein sets enhance patient comfort?

Scalp vein sets enhance patient comfort by providing a less painful and more efficient method for accessing veins, especially in pediatric and difficult cases. The smaller size of scalp veins reduces discomfort during insertion, making it less traumatic for patients.

How long is a scalp vein set needle?

A scalp vein set needle is typically around 0.75 to 1.25 inches (20 to 32 millimeters) in length.

What are scalp vein infusion sets?

Scalp vein infusion sets are medical devices designed for intravenous (IV) access in infants and young children. They allow healthcare professionals to administer fluids, and medications, or draw blood by accessing the veins on the scalp.

What are the different types of scalp vein sets?

The different types of scalp vein sets include short peripheral scalp catheters and winged scalp needles.

What are the key features of HMD’s Scalp Van scalp vein sets?

The key features of HMD’s Scalp Van scalp vein sets include:

  1. Ultra-thin catheter for comfortable insertion
  2. Winged design for easy handling and secure placement
  3. Color-coded sizes for quick identification
  4. Flexible tubing to minimize patient movement restrictions
What are the sizes of the scalp vein set?

The sizes of scalp vein sets typically range from 18 to 27 gauge.

What is another name for the scalp vein set?

Another name for the scalp vein set is a “butterfly needle” or a “winged infusion set.”

What is the color code for the scalp vein set?

It is related to Gauge as per ISO standards.

What makes Unolok + butterfly needles different from standard needles?

Unolok + butterfly needles have flexible wings and a built-in safety mechanism, offering improved stability during venipuncture and reducing the risk of needlestick injuries.

What needle is used for the scalp vein?

A butterfly needle is commonly used for the scalp vein.


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