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Building a Compassionate Culture To Rekindle Excellence. Integrity & Innovation.

We believe in creating a legacy that builds caregivers who want to change the world.


We encourage employee retention. Speaking of which, most of HMDs staff has been working for over several decades. Employee retention is beneficial both for the organization and employees. The data of technical and administrative staff represents the retention story of HMD. 3 employees have been working for 40 years, 18 employees have been working for 30 – 40 years, 79 employees have been working for 20 – 30 years, 138 employees have been working for 10 – 20 years and 176 employees have been working for 5 – 10 years. “

HMD’s Human Capital Management is doyen to the Medical Devices Manufacturing society in India. It has a reliable arrangement of mass productivity. Productivity and management of human capital should go hand in hand and HMD understands its importance. The humanistic approach is the core principle of HMD that can be seen in its functional areas.

HMD believes that everyone is entitled to human rights. We respect all individual’s civil and political rights which include prevention of offense related to a person’s nationality, race, color, ethnic origin, marital status, religion, caste, creed, political opinion or economic status, degree of physical, mental ability, or culture. We respect all human dignity at the highest level. Equal opportunities are given in the top priority to every employee for self-development and growth. An environment where people feel as secured and comfortable as in their homes.

At HMD, Human Capital Management is defined as the procedure of fair and unbiased selection process by adopting the policy of “Right Individual at Right Area” by adhering to all legal as well as social obligations and formalities. The employee development process is carried out based on Knowledge Management, Compensation Management, Performance Management, Reward Management, Competency-Based Assessment, and Employees Involvement & Participation, etc. The development and the management of individuals are also in line with the KRA (Key Responsibility Area) to make them indispensable resources and to ensure their hundred percent contributions toward their organization.

Career opportunity at HMD is immense and it entirely depends upon the individual’s potential. Talented individuals are always praised and regarded. Nurturing is done through holistic and scientific methods. Ample opportunities are given to each individual to grow as a professional.