Marker Labels
Quality Policy
The management of HMD GROUP OF COMPANIES”, affirms that it is the policy of the company to produce medical devices conforming to the relevant product standard specifications adopted by the company. “It is the policy of the company to achieve internationally praiseworthy standardised quality with the help of the most appropriate mass production technology harnessed through a dedicated production team in a harmonious industrial atmosphere as per the adopted Quality Management System Standards and applicable Regulations for the market being catered by HMD Group of Companies and then offer it for the benefit of the patient and doctor at a price any other local manufacturer will find it difficult to meet, for similar performance specification. It is the policy of the company to keep on striving for continual improvement in Quality Management System effectiveness over and above the minimum stipulations laid down by the relevant product standard specifications adopted by the company. It is the policy of the company that in case of a customer complaint or defects being reported, all endeavours would be made by The Top Management to promptly attend to the complaint and compensate the loss of the customer by arranging free replacement of the rejected goods or by some mutually satisfactory agreement.”
Quality Assurance
HMD is a market leader in the field of Healthcare by adhering to all the international standards and internal norms for producing medical consumables using highly automated technology. When it comes to quality assurance, HMD conforms to ISO:13485, ICMED: 13485, MDSAP and ISO:9001 standards, encompassing a comprehensive and exhaustive series of visual, physical, chemical, and microbiological tests & inspection at various stages in the production cycle. The quality assurance process begins with constant surveillance of raw materials and its suppliers, intensive in-process control of all manufactured components and sub-assemblies to the final inspection and testing of the finished products. Apart from this, 6 Sigma is practiced throughout the organization to ensure consistency, quality, and minimal chances of defectives reaching the consumer. The ongoing analysis of data gathered through customer feedback & internal processes, followed by required corrective and/or preventive action, ensures for continuous improvement in our product and further enhances for deeper customer satisfaction.