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Get a superior grip and unparalleled safety with HMD’s winged infusion sets. Winged blood collection sets, Also known as butterfly collection sets, , are medical devices used for blood specimen collection. These devices get their name from the plastic ‘wings’ present on either side of the needle used to access the vein. Winged blood collection reduces the risk of blood breaking down, thereby improving the quality of lab tests and diagnostics. HMD’s Winged blood collection set is simple, easy-to-use and safety-engineered. All of our butterfly blood collection sets come with high-quality plastic wings, which are textured to provide optimum grip. Our products provide maximum patient safety at an affordable price!



HMD offers winged blood collection set under its proprietary brand – Vaku 8.



Vaku 8 is HMD’s top brand when it comes to blood collection. The Vaku 8winged blood collection set is a closed system that offers safe specimen collection with minimum pain. The winged set contains disposable tubes and needles, which reduces the possibility of blood exposure and cross-contamination. These winged blood collection set are available in various sizes, ranging from 21G,23G, 24G, 25G Here are some more features of Vaku 8 winged blood collection set:

  • Kink-resistant tubing for a continuous flow
  • Short bevel to minimise vein perforations
  • Female Luer lock for a secure fit
  • Textured wings for a firm grip
  • Compatible with various tube holders due to the presence of screw threads



Healthcare personnel engaged in blood collection are always exposed to the risk of blood contact through accidental needle sticks. That’s why we have provided a safety shield in our Vaku 8+ winged blood collection set , which automatically covers the needle tip post-use, thereby preventing any accidental contact. Here are some more features of our Vaku 8+ winged blood collection set

  • Non-latex rubber shield to prevent accidental needle sticks
  • Female Luer lock provided for improved fit
  • Textured wings for a superior grip
  • Minimal pain due to short bevel
  • Continuous flow facilitated by kink-resistant tubing



HMD is a well-recognised winged blood collection set manufacturer in India. Our butterfly collection sets are known for their durability, reliability, and precision. Moreover, we package our Winged blood collection by following all the stringent international standards and secure them using non-latex rubber shields. Therefore, when you place trust in HMD’s butterfly blood collection sets, you not only receive benefits of uncompromising precision and superb quality but can also rest assured when it comes to your and your patient’s safety. So, pledge to provide better healthcare by purchasing HMD’s superior-quality winged infusion sets today!


What is a winged infusion set used for?

A winged infusion set, also known as a Butterfly IV, by HMD is designed to administer fluids, drugs as well as for blood sampling with the help of a surgically implanted vascular port. The winged infusion set is made from non-toxic, medical-grade PVC compounds to ensure ease of use and safety. Vaku8 is one of the top and best brands of blood collection tube offered by HMD.


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