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The use of insulin pens has become fairly widespread these days, with most diabetic patients using a pen to administer insulin. Insulin pens are simpler to use and are more convenient and accurate than a vial and a syringe. A pen contains a disposable insulin pen needle, a dial to measure dosage, and a cartridge. With advanced technology, needles have become finer and shorter than ever before, but are still able to deliver insulin effectively. Pen needles are typically coated with a lubricant in order to enable them to smoothly penetrate the skin. The length and thickness of needles for insulin are important considerations while choosing a product for insulin administration. The thickness of a needle is measured using “gauge”. The higher the gauge, the finer or thinner the needle. Pen needles are usually between 4 and 12.7 millimeters (mm) in length. Dispo van pen needles are attached onto the insulin pen by screwing on the tip. The insulin pen needle must be replaced after every injection of insulin. Reusing a pen needle can cause problems like pain, bleeding, bruising, and even lipodystrophy or build-up of lumpy fat tissue. We offer the following needle for insulin pens:



Launched in 2018, these insulin injection needles have extra-thin walls and come with a multi-bevel tapered point for a proper grip and skin contact. Additionally, these pen needles are easy to adjust and handle and provide quick, pain-free and accurate insulin delivery. The Dispo van Single-Use Pen Needle is one of the most superior insulin pen needles.

Sterile, single-use insulin pen needles manufactured by Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices (HMD) Ltd. have been designed to be least painful and patient-friendly. Specially lubricated and thin-walled, the needle minimizes pain while improving the flow of the medicament. Furthermore, its universal fit design ensures that it is compatible with all Insulin Pens.


Are single-use hypodermic needles available in different sizes?

Single-use needles are available in various sizes to accommodate medical procedures and patient needs. Manufacturers often offer a range of needle sizes to meet specific requirements.

Are single-use hypodermic needles compatible with all medications?

Yes, single-use hypodermic needles manufactured by HMD are designed to be compatible with all medications. The needle hub is made up of non-toxic medical-grade polypropylene ensuring compatibility and safety.

Can single-use hypodermic needles be recycled or reused?

Single-use needles are designed for one-time use and should not be recycled or reused. They are intended to prevent contamination and ensure patient safety. Proper disposal of single-use needles is crucial to maintain hygiene and prevent spreading infections.

Can these single-use hypodermic needles be used for both blood collection and medication administration?

Yes, Dispo Van and Unolok Single-Use Needles can be used for blood collection and medication administration. They are versatile and designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals in various clinical settings.

How do single-use hypodermic needles ensure safety?

Single-use needles are manufactured and packaged using automated processes, minimizing errors and ensuring consistent quality. Tip of the needle has a thin wall and needle is well-siliconized to reduce friction for smooth penetration and withdrawal.

How should single-use hypodermic needles be disposed off?

Single-use needles should be properly disposed off in a puncture-resistant sharps containers or a safety box. These containers are designed to safely hold used needles and prevent accidental injuries. It is also essential to follow local regulations and guidelines for medical waste disposal.

What are single-use hypodermic needles?

Single-use hypodermic needles are disposable medical needles designed to be used once and disposed off.

What brands of single-use hypodermic needles are available?

HMD offers single-use needles under two brands: Dispo Van and Unolok. The former is luer mount whereas the letter is for luer lock

Why is it important to use single-use hypodermic needles?

Using single-use hypodermic needles is crucial for maintaining patient safety and for preventing the spread of infections. Reusing needles can lead to cross-contamination and the transmission of blood-borne diseases, posing a significant risk to both patients and healthcare professionals.


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