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surgical blades
Surgical blades are a mainstay for any surgical application. As a result, having access to high-quality blades is a must to provide better patient care. This is where HMD can help you out there. We offer a complete range of sterile and disposable surgical blades designed to keep your safety in mind. Manufactured using premium quality carbon steel, our blades offer durability like no other. On top of that, our blades are also corrosion rust-resistant, thereby requiring little care. The range of sizes we offer makes our surgical blades the best choice if you’re engaged in multiple surgical practices. Sterilised using gamma radiation, our blades follow the most stringent international standards for safety and hygiene. In a nutshell, the reliability, consistency, and precision our blades offer have helped establish HMD as the preferred brand for surgeons and healthcare professionals in all corners of India. Here are some of the salient features of our Glass Van Surgical Blades
  • Crafted using premium quality Swiss High Carbon Steel
  • Manufactured in compliance with ISO: 7740 standards
  • Packaged in individual easy-peel aluminium foil packs
  • Edge-retention capabilities
  • Sterilised using gamma radiation, with intensity up to 2.5 Mrad for a better sterility assurance level of 10^-6
  • Additional protection against rust / corrosion with VCI coated paper
  • Available in a variety of sizes for a variety of applications
Other than surgical blades, we at HMD also offer ergonomic and pocket-friendly blade handles, which provide unmatched dexterity while operating. Plus, the precision and feel of blades impart unparalleled confidence during operations. Sterilised using ethylene dioxide, our blade handles conform to the most stringent of industry hygiene standards. Also, the EN-868 compliant medical grade paper, along with the blister packs, ensure utmost ease of use and hygiene Like what you hear? Contact us today to know more about our price listings and range of products. From making the right choice to super-fast delivery, we’ll ensure you get the best service and solutions.
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