HMD – Safety Scalp Vein Sets

Needlestick Injuries and needle reuse can give rise to several complications, the worst of them being the risk of bloodborne diseases. To prevent such mishaps, HMD has pioneered the Unolok+ safety butterfly needles, which include a protective shield to prevent contact between your skin and the needle.

These safety butterfly vein sets are also single-use, which means that no two patients will have the same needle used on them. It reduces the risk of cross-contamination and some severe bloodborne diseases.

Unolok+ Scalp Vein Sets

If you really want to up the safety ante, choose our Unolok + safety scalp butterfly, which includes an extra protective shield to prevent accidental needle pricks and needle reuse. Also, Unolok+ safety butterfly needles come with a rigid PVC Luer adapter rather than a flexible Luer mount.