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With rising concerns over needle stick injuries (NSIs) and the danger of cross-contamination, using standard scalp vein sets can pose a risk to healthcare workers’ safety. Therefore, using safety-equipped medical tools is a must. To that end, we at HMD have designed highly reliable safety scalp vein sets, which we sell under our Unolok+ brand. The dual-wing design of our scalp vein sets guarantees stable, secure positioning on the patient’s skin. The infusion set comes with a PVC Luer Lock Connector for additional safety. The secure fitment and prevents any accidental leakage. Plus, our scalp vein sets are equipped with highly sharp needles for minimal resistance while injecting and withdrawing. In addition, the scalp vein sets cleanly impact the vein and the skin, mitigate pain, and decrease the risk of infection or vein perforation. As for hygiene, we make sure that every Unolok+ scalp vein set is thoroughly sterilised and can be used immediately once unpackaged. While it is recommended that you are trained in using the device, the ease, and simplicity of use ensure that the medication is delivered safely. Most importantly, our Unolok+ scalp vein sets come with a protective shield, which reduces the risk of accidental needle pricks, and ensures that the set isn’t reused – preventing cross-contamination and the transmission of dangerous bloodborne diseases.



  • Single-use scalp vein sets

  • Equipped with a protective shield to prevent accidental needle pricks

  • Ready-to-use, sterilised scalp vein sets

  • High-quality, plastic wings for easy handling

  • Premium-quality needle to minimise trauma

We at HMD employ the most reliable and modern manufacturing processes, with cutting-edge tech that allows our designers to experiment with out-of-the-box designs and deliver your products that meet every international guideline.

Try out our Unolok + safety scalp vein sets today and provide your healthcare staff the safety and peace of mind they deserve. Get in touch with us today to check out more of our high-quality products.


What is a scalp vein set used for?

Scalp vein set are especially designed for venepuncture to ensure minimum discomfort to patients during infusion. In addition, the scalp vein sets are also used for injecting small volumes of medication, blood derivatives, blood sampling, irrigation of wound and saline injection. HMD offers state-of-the-art scalp vein sets from two trusted brands-Scalpvan and Unolok.


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