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Dispojekt safety needles

Dispojekt safety needles by HMD have a dedicated Sharps Injury Prevention shield that reduces the chances of accidental needlestick injury. After use, healthcare workers can push the Dispojekt SIP shield back by pressing it against a flat surface. A clear click sound indicates that the needle cover is locked. The transparent shield ensures that the fingertips of the users don’t come in touch with the needle.

Product Range:
Description Gauge (G) Length (MM) Colour
Single use Safety Needle with sharps Injury Prevention 22G x 1" (0.7 x 25 mm) TW regular bevel 22G 25 mm Black
Single use Safety Needle with sharps Injury Prevention 23G x 1" (0.6 x 25 mm) TW regular bevel 23G 25 mm Blue
Single use Safety Needle with sharps Injury Prevention 24G x 1" (0.5 x 25 mm) TW regular bevel 24G 25 mm Purple
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Are there any storage requirements for the Dispojekt Syringe?

Store in a clean ,dry and insect free place. Avoid exposure to acidic/corrosive fumes to avoid rust

Are there different sizes or capacities available for the Dispojekt Syringe?

 Yes there are different sizes of Dispojekt syringe available to cater to diverse needs of medical practice. Now 2ml,3ml and 5ml sizes are available with needle of 21G to 25G in 1”

Can the Dispojekt Syringe be used for paediatric patients?

 Yes, it can be used in paediatric. In infants and small children gauges used range from 23G to 25G and needle sizes should be ⅝ inch to 1 inch. In Dispojekt we have needle sizes 21g to 25G with 1’ needle length. So it can be used in children as per the doctor’s advise

Can the Dispojekt Syringe be used for vaccinations?

Ans. Yes, the Dispojekt Syringe is suitable for administering vaccinations. Its precise measurement capabilities and safety features make it ideal for ensuring accurate dosage delivery for vaccination.

How does the Dispojekt Syringe differ from traditional syringes?

Ans. The Dispojekt Syringe distinguishes itself from traditional syringes through its innovative design, featuring a built-in safety mechanism called SIP (Sharp Injury Prevention) Shield. This feature assists in the needle getting locked thus preventing needlestick injuries and significantly enhances both healthcare professional and patient safety.

Is the Dispojekt Syringe disposable or reusable?

Ans. The Dispojekt Syringe is designed for single-use, prioritising safety and hygiene. Once the needle gets locked within the sheild, the syringe dosent allow it to be reused. Disposing off the syringe after each use is crucial to mitigate cross-contamination and infection risks.

What are the key features of the Dispojekt Syringe?

Ans. The Dispojekt Syringe boasts several key features, including a user-friendly design for easy handling, precise dosage measurement capabilities, and a secure locking mechanism to prevent reuse of syringe. The syringe is also designed to facilitate smooth and efficient administration of injections, making it a reliable choice for medical professionals and patients.

What are the primary applications of the Dispojekt Syringe?

Ans. The Dispojekt Syringe is primarily used in medical settings to administer medications, vaccines, and other injectable substances and drawing blood for diagnostic purpose. Its design and features make it a reliable tool for healthcare professionals to deliver accurate doses with precision, ensuring patient safety and treatment effectiveness.

What safety features does the Dispojekt Syringe include?

Ans. The Dispojekt Syringe is equipped with a translucent safety mechanism that makes it easy to operate with one hand. The SIP shield ensures a gentle closure, preventing any aerosols or contaminants that could enter through blood spatter. This feature is nursing in most of the design of safety syringes