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blood collection tubes

Blood collection is a pretty standard method for diagnosing conditions and monitoring diseases. Having said that, the process is not completely risk-free. Improper blood collection can give rise to many complications, the most virulent one being the threat of cross-contamination. Therefore, reliable blood collection systems are the need for the hour for healthcare providers and hospitals.

Well, that’s where HMD comes in! Our premium-quality blood collection tubes enable safe blood withdrawal, thanks to its closed system. With it, you can collect blood directly into the tube without exposing it to air or any foreign elements.

Our range of blood sample collection tubes is packed sterilised, , and delivered with utmost efficiency and safety. The best part? All our tubes come at a reasonable price tag, making them a worthwhile option.

Vaku - 8 blood collection tubes are used in numerous medical laboratories across India for high-quality and reliable blood collection, providing precise results. Each Vaku-8 blood collection tube comes with a coloured cap, with each color indicating the additive that the tube contains. From EDTA and Heparin to ESR and glucose, we offer our blood collection sample tubes with a variety of additives., All the additives used are high-quality, enabling efficient and seamless separation of blood cells, plasma, and serum.

Designed for ease of use, our vacuum blood collection tube enables hassle-free collection of blood. You no longer have to collect blood through syringes and transfer it to tubes for sampling and testing. These collection tubes are available for both chemistry and hematology.

Here are some features of our Vaku-8 Blood Collection Tubes:

  • Colour-coded according to use
  • Facilitates closed-system blood collection
  • Comes with a Bi-cap, which is a butyl rubber stopper covered with a plastic cover to prevent accidental contact with blood
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