Cathy I.V.cannulas (with/without injection port cap) makes a technological leap into the future of medical care with a never-before range of benefits for both, the patients and medical staff. Fewer complications-minimizing the risk of thrombus generation while reducing medication costs.

Key Highlights

  • The Catheter is made of Volex.
  • Minimal trauma – as the penetration force is much lower than that of PTFE Catheters.
  • Higher Durability- Volex Catheter is more Durable resulting in better sharpness and cleaner insertions.
  • The Wingsare made up of nontoxic, medical-grade polypropylene compatible with any medication. The injection port and the receiving end of the wing have a 6% luer taper as per ISO:80369. It Incorporates a flash-back chamber in the hub, blood stopper, and luer lock cap.
  • The Needle is made from cold-rolled stainless steel strips. The tip of the needle has a short bevel ‘back’ cut point for easy catheterization and minimal pain and risk of perforation.

Product Range

Colour Code Gauge Catheter Ext. DiaxLength(mm) Water flow-rate (ml/min)
Grey 16G 1.70 x 45 200
White 17G 1.50 x 45 140
Green 18G 1.20 x 38
1.20 x 45
Pink 20G 1.00 x 32 64
Blue 22G 0.80 x 25 38
Yellow 24G 0.70 x 19 22

(without Injection Port)

26G 0.60 x 19 15