Ensuring quality healthcare for more than 50 years! Blood collection is one of the most commonly used methods for monitoring and diagnosing diseases. Thanks to it, long and painful examinations can often be avoided. However, many risks are involved in blood collection, the most dangerous one being the threat of cross-contamination. Hence, it’s essential for healthcare providers and hospitals to use high-quality blood collection systems. Well, that’s where HMD can help you! Our top-of-the-shelf blood collection tubes enable you to carry out safe blood collection, as it’s a closed system.  Our range of blood sample collection tubes is packed, sterilised, and delivered with utmost safety and efficiency. Moreover, we also offer competitive prices on our blood collection tubes. So, if you’re looking for high-quality Vaku-8 Blood collection  tubes with an affordable price tag, our products provide both!

Our Products

HMD offers quality blood collection tubes under its proprietary brand – Vaku 8.

Vaku-8 Tube

Our Vaku-8 blood sampling tubes are designed for ease-of-use, enabling you to collect a quality blood sample without any hassles. These collection tubes are available for both hematology and chemistry applications and are color-coded according to the use case. Moreover, our Blood Collection Tubes (BCT) also come with EDTA as an anti-coagulant, allowing better prevention of blood cell structure. Here are some features of our Vaku-8 Blood Sampling Tubes:
  • Colour-coded according to use
  • Butyl rubber stopper to prevent blood contact
  • Enables closed-system blood collection
  • Includes a rubber stopper, which facilitates single-hand use
  • Available in a variety of sizes

Why choose HMD?

HMD has been India’s leading sample collection tube manufacturer for more than a decade. We take pride in the fact that our vacuum blood collection tubes consistently meet all international standards for quality. Moreover, over extensive adoption of automated mass production and cutting-edge technology ensures top-notch quality and minimum room for error. Also, we at HMD understand how crucial the timely delivery of blood sample tubes is. That’s why, with us, you won’t have to worry about timelines, as we ensure quick delivery of all our sample collection tubes. So, if you’re looking for superior-quality blood collection tubes and tests, contact us today!