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With an increasing number of people being affected by diabetes, there has been an increase in the demand for Insulin Pens and needles. Being easy to store and use almost every diabetic depending on insulin dosage, prefer using pen needles. Considering this, we at HMD offer DispoVan Pen Needles that are available in various sizes. Our range of single-use and sterile pen needles is nationally recognised among healthcare professionals for its exceptional value and uncompromising quality.

Our pen needles are made with medical-grade material such as polypropylene and steel to provide patients with a reliable solution for their insulin medication. We specifically design our needles to make self-administration easy.

Moreover, we make sure every piece is sterilised according to the most stringent industry standards. Most importantly, the pen needles have extra-thin walls, a flat base, and multi-bevels to facilitate a smooth and painless medication delivery.

Here are some of the exclusive features of our DispoVan Pen Needles:

  • Extra-thin walls for smooth injections and minimal pain

  • Ergonomically designed for maximum precision

  • Compatible with a wide range of insulin pens

  • Easy-to-use packaging with particular attention towards preventing accidental needle pricks

  • Flat-base for enhanced patient comfort

  • Available in 31G and 32G gauges

  • Manufactured using top-of-the-shelf raw materials

  • Colour coded according to needle gauge, diameter, and length

How to use our DispoVan Pen Needle?

Here’s a step-by-step process in using our DispoVan pen needles:

Step 1: Take a new pen needle and carefully peel off the paper tab

Step 2: Push the needle onto the top of the insulin pen. Rotate the cap until it snugly fits on the pen. Not doing so can result in leakage.

Step 3: Pull the outer needle cap off to reveal the tip. However, don’t dispose of the cap just yet. You’ll need it after use to safely remove the needle from the insulin pen.

Step 4: Remove the inner needle cover and throw it away. Don’t use this sheath to remove the needle after use, as you may accidentally prick yourself in the process.

Step 5: Once it’s used, you can put the outer cap on the needle and rotate it the other way around to detach it from the pen. Avoid reusing the pen needle. It’s possible for the needle to have lost its sharpness after one use and may cause you excruciating pain the second time around. Dispose of & the needle in a sharps container.

At HMD, we aim to provide you with the best quality products that are precision made and easy to use. To find out more about the prices of the pen needles or purchase our state-of-the-art Dispovan Pen Needles, contact us today.






(Use this for heavy build patient)

PURPLE mm 5 inches 3/16”



GREEN mm 4 inches 5/32”


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