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HMD – Single Use Syringe

Preferred by medical professionals the world over, the single-use syringe is primarily used for administering vaccination and medication. Unlike the traditional reusable syringe which would be cleaned and reused, this type of syringe prevents the spread of blood-borne diseases. The single-use syringe operates via a simple piston-pump system. After use, it is typically collected in a "Safety Box" – a special container designed for holding contaminated injection equipment – and incinerated. There are different types of single-use syringes, including small syringes (1-10ml) used for injecting medication, medium-sized syringes (10-12ml) for tubing with catheters, and large syringes (20-70ml) for the medical procedure of irrigation. Furthermore, single-use syringes are available with different kinds of tips such Luer Mount & luer Lock Tips. The sterile hypodermic syringes for single use are preferred for the following reasons:
  • Prevent the spread of blood-borne infections and illnesses.
  • Can be mass-produced, allowing greater accessibility and easy availability.
  • Do not require cleaning or sharpening, leading to low-maintenance costs.
  • Affordable and widely available.
  • Safe for the environment as the risk of accidental contamination during the disposal process is greatly reduced.
One of the top three manufacturers of syringes and needles in the world, Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices (HMD) Ltd. launched hypodermic single-use syringes back in the year 1986. Reputed for our low-cost, high-quality medical devices, we specialize in precision engineering and pioneering technologies. All our products – including syringes and needles – are designed and manufactured with the highest precision, adhering to international standards of quality and patient safety. We at HMD manufacture three types of single-use or one-time use syringe. They are as follows:

Dispovan Single-use Hypodermic Syringes:

This is one of the most preferred single-use syringes on the Indian market. This sterile hypodermic syringe for single use is manufactured as per IS:10258/ ISO:7886-1 (the International Organization for Standardization. Furthermore, this 3-piece syringe has a coloured plunger and special inert Piston which minimizes chances of leakage. It has a shelf life of 5 years. Dispovan Single-use Hypodermic Syringes come in various capacities – 1 ml, 2 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml, 50 ml – and types of nozzles.

Unolok Single-use Hypodermic Syringes:

This is the second variety of single-use syringes manufactured by us. Primarily used for dental and cardiac patients, this type of syringe comes with a Luer-Lock System that ensures the needle is securely fitted to the syringe, providing extra safety. It is a 3-piece syringe with a high-quality plunger and barrel for better visibility of the substance to be injected. Unolok Single-use Hypodermic Syringes are available in different capacities – 2 ml, 2.5 ml, 3 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml, 20 ml, and 50 ml.


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