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The use of insulin pens has become fairly widespread these days, with most diabetic patients using a pen to administer insulin. Insulin pens are simpler to use and are more convenient and accurate than a vial and a syringe. A pen contains a disposable insulin pen needle, a dial to measure dosage, and a cartridge. With advanced technology, needles have become finer and shorter than ever before, but are still able to deliver insulin effectively. Pen needles are typically coated with a lubricant in order to enable them to smoothly penetrate the skin. The length and thickness of needles for insulin are important considerations while choosing a product for insulin administration. The thickness of a needle is measured using “gauge”. The higher the gauge, the finer or thinner the needle. Pen needles are usually between 4 and 12.7 millimeters (mm) in length. Dispo van pen needles are attached onto the insulin pen by screwing on the tip. The insulin pen needle must be replaced after every injection of insulin. Reusing a pen needle can cause problems like pain, bleeding, bruising, and even lipodystrophy or build-up of lumpy fat tissue. We offer the following needle for insulin pens:



Launched in 2018, these insulin injection needles have extra-thin walls and come with a multi-bevel tapered point for a proper grip and skin contact. Additionally, these pen needles are easy to adjust and handle and provide quick, pain-free and accurate insulin delivery. The Dispo van Single-Use Pen Needle is one of the most superior insulin pen needles.

Sterile, single-use insulin pen needles manufactured by Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices (HMD) Ltd. have been designed to be least painful and patient-friendly. Specially lubricated and thin-walled, the needle minimizes pain while improving the flow of the medicament. Furthermore, its universal fit design ensures that it is compatible with all Insulin Pens.


Are Dispo Van Single-Use Pen Needles sterile?

Yes, Dispo Van Single-Use Pen Needles manufactured by HMD are sterilised by Ethylene Oxide. Sterility is essential to maintain the safety and effectiveness of insulin injections. Using sterile needles helps prevent infections and ensures the medication’s integrity.

Are HMD’s insulin pen needles patient-friendly?

Yes, HMD’s insulin pen needles are designed to be patient friendly because of its top cap which can only be removed once its attached to a pen and not without. Moreover, it has the following features:

  1. Less pain during penetration and withdrawal

  2. Affordable

  3. Universal size

  4. Easy availability

Can Dispo Van Single-Use Pen Needles be used with any brand of insulin pen?

Yes, Dispo Van Single-Use Pen Needles are designed with a universal fit to be compatible with all Insulin Pens. Whether you use a specific brand or model of insulin pen, you can safely and effectively use Dispo Van Single-Use Pen Needles for insulin administration.

Do Dispo Van single-use pen needles minimise pain during insulin injections?

Yes, Dispo Van single-use pen needles are thin-walled, has ergonomic shape, multi-bevel tapered point and flat base design which helps to minimise pain during insulin injections. The design focuses on improving the flow of medication while reducing patient discomfort.

How do insulin pen needles work?

Insulin pen needles are disposable attachments that are screwed onto an insulin pen. They are used to administer insulin to diabetic patients. The needles have a fine and thin design, allowing for smooth penetration into the skin and accurate insulin delivery.

How often should insulin pen needles be replaced?

Insulin pen needles should be replaced after every injection of insulin. Reusing a pen needle can lead to complications such as pain, bleeding, bruising, and potentially developing lumpy fat tissue.

What are insulin pen needles?

Insulin pen needles are small, disposable needles specifically designed for use with insulin pens. They are used to deliver insulin subcutaneously, providing a convenient and accurate method for diabetic patients to administer their insulin doses.

What are the features of Dispo Van Single-Use Pen Needles?

Dispo Van Single-Use Pen Needles offered by HMD have extra-thin walls and ergonomic shape for improved grip and skin contact. They are designed to be easy to adjust, handle and provide quick, comfortable insertion, and accurate insulin delivery. They are also compatible with all Insulin Pens due to their universal fit design.

What size needle is used for an insulin pen?

Insulin pen needles are typically available in lengths ranging from 4,5,6,8 &12.7 millimeters (mm) in 31 & 32 gauges. The specific size of the needle for insulin pens may vary based on individual needs and preferences.

Why should I use single-use pen needles for insulin administration?

Using single-use pen needles for insulin administration is important to maintain hygiene, reduce the risk of infections, and ensure accurate insulin delivery. Reusing pen needles can lead to pain, bleeding, bruising, and other complications such as skin diseases.


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