Scalp Van Infusion Set

For Enhanced Patient Comfort and Diagnostic Capabilities

HMD is the leading manufacturer of scalp vein infusion sets primarily used for venipuncture. The scalp vein infusion sets are offered under two brands - Scalpvan and Unolok. The Scalp Van infusion set comes with a flexibly soft PVC Luer mount adapter. It has a push-fit cap and a siliconised needle that has a short-bevel three facet needlepoint. The medical device is used for blood perfusion or short-term delivery of medicines. HMD has been offering scalp vein infusion sets for more than three decades. The Scalp Van Infusion sets by HMD meet all the international quality standards and come with an affordable price tag. All the infusion sets come in rigid PVC blister packing to ensure the products reach safely to the medical facility without any damage. The manufacturer has a vast network of 4500 authorised dealers who distribute the infusion sets worldwide while ensuring the products are readily available whenever required.

Scalp Van Infusion sets are designed to reduce the chances of blood breaking down, thus allowing medical professionals to diagnose more accurately. These also come useful in taking blood samples of patients with bleeding disorders.

Key Highlights of Scalp Van Infusion Sets

  • The short bevel three facet point on the needle reduces the chance of perforation of the vein at the time of insertion
  • Siliconised needle results in less friction and pain with smooth penetration and withdrawal
  • Perfect design of the needle ensures consistent blood flow and minimal trauma
  • Translucent linking tube for observing the contents
  • Thin-walled needle allows a large internal diameter. It is ideal for rapid infusion and administering dosage with high viscosity medications