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A hypodermic (hypo – under/beneath, dermic – skin) needle is a thin, hollow needle with one sharp end, commonly made of stainless steel. It is used with a syringe to extract fluids from the body or take liquid samples, for instance to draw blood from a vein. It is also widely used for rapid injection of liquids into the body when the injectable cannot be ingested orally. With its smooth surface and sharp point, this type of needle is widely used in research and development as it greatly reduces possible contamination during inoculation of a sterile substrate. At one end of the hypodermic needle is a female connection that fits into the male connection of a syringe. The size of the diameter of the needle commonly ranges from the largest gauge (13) to the smallest (27) gauge. As the hypodermic needle gauge increases, the inner width and diameter of the needle decreases. We at Hindustan Syringes & Medical Devices (HMD) Ltd. manufacture several kinds of hypodermic needles, designed to offer maximum patient safety during medical procedures. The four different types of hypodermic injection needles offered by us are:

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These single-use or disposable hypodermic needles are manufactured using the latest Japanese technology. Assembled and packaged with the help of automated machines, this high-precision hypodermic needle has an extra-thin wall and cannula made from premium imported cold-rolled stainless steel strips. Furthermore, this type of needle is siliconized to minimize pain during penetration and withdrawal. It was launched in 1987.



Another premium hypodermic injection needle made by us, the Unolok Single-Use needle is packed in blister packs with easily peel-able, fiber-free, tamper-evident medical-grade paper in order to make sure the product remains reliably sealed and sterile. Made using state-of-the-art Japanese technology, this is a high-precision needle designed to ensure minimal patient discomfort. It was launched in 1987.



Launched recently in 2018, Dispo Van Single-Use Pen Needles are equipped with extra-thin walls. Designed to be optimally effective, these come with a multi-bevel, tapered point for an improved grip and ergonomic skin contact. Pen needles are primarily used for injecting medication. For instance, when insulin is packaged in a multi-dose pen injector for diabetic patients, a new pen needle is used to inject the insulin every time.



Launched in 2008, this sterile hypodermic needle is equipped with a siliconized needle with short Bevel that minimizes the danger of trauma and vein cross perforation. Made from top-quality imported cold roll stainless steel, the Needle tube is thin-walled, providing a larger internal diameter leading to an improved flow rate. Blood Collection Needles are widely regarded as the most convenient device for collection of multiple blood samples with a single vein puncture. These are extremely sharp needles equipped with a smooth edge for easy penetration. We at HMD Ltd. rank among the top three manufacturers of syringes and needles in the world. Currently, we produce more than 3 billion syringes needles per annum that undergo stringent quality control through automated checks – for burrs, hook and blockage and other defects – via digital vision camera inspection systems.


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