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HMD’s Vaku - 8 blood collection needles are multi-sample and safety-engineered blood collection devices that offer a simple yet effective way of extracting blood samples while simultaneously reducing the possibility of injury and pain.

From toxicology and chemistry procedures to haematology and serology, we have needles for a wide range of laboratory applications. What’s more, our needles come at an affordable price tag, making them a worthwhile option!

Manufactured using cold-rolled stainless steel, our thin-walled needles have a larger internal diameter, thereby improving the flow rate. Moreover, the needle is siliconised, resulting in minimal patient trauma and reducing the risk of vein perforation. Be it any size – 21G, 22G, or 23G; we offer needles in a variety of dimensions based on your need.

Most importantly, we ensure all of our needles are sterile so that you can use the needle straight out of the box without performing any additional sterilisation processes.



We provide blood collection needles under our premier proprietary brand, Vaku-8. Here’s a summary of all the salient features of our Vaku-8 blood collection needles:

  • Comes with a top cover made out of medical-grade PP to provide protection to the needle

  • Lower needle – made of medical-grade HDPE – for additional protection

  • Siliconised needle to minimise patient discomfort

  • Short bevel to reduce the risk of vein perforation

  • Thin-walled needle, made out of cold-rolled stainless steel, for improved flow rate and durability

  • A flexible needle sheath to cover the other end of the needle, which acts as a blood stopper when the needle is withdrawn from the sample tube

  • Sterilised using ethylene oxide, allowing for immediate use after opening and requiring no further sterilisation

  • Colour according to needle length and diameter

  • Has a long shelf life of three years

Apart from the ergonomic design and unrelenting durability, we also make sure our products reach you safely with no damage. How? By using a reliable packaging process. We package all our needles in double cartons, with individual pieces sealed using a self-adhesive, tamper-evident label.



HMD has been India’s leading blood collection needle manufacturer for more than thirty years. We take pride in the fact that our blood collection needles reliably and consistently meet all international standards for quality. Plus, our extensive utilisation of cutting-edge technology and automated mass production techniques guarantee top-notch quality and zero room for error. So, if you’re looking for superior–quality blood collection needles, get in touch with us today!


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