Vaku 8+

Vaku8 Blood Collection Tube
Vaku-8+ Safety Blood Collection Set with a safety shield for accessing difficult veins for blood sampling by utilizing the wings to control needle placement.

Key Highlights

  • The wings ensure no trauma due to the rolling of the needle and minimize the chances of vein perforation.
  • Distal vein wall puncture aside from causing patient discomfort due to repeated pricks can result in increased chances of Phlebitis and other related problems.
  • A non-latex rubber sheath envelops the needle of the multiple sample adaptor, automatically retracting as the needle penetrates the vacuum tube stopper, and upon withdrawal recovers the needle. This sheath helps in avoiding accidental needle sticks to the person using it and avoids blood spillage.
  • The screw thread below the needle of the multiple sample adaptor fits any standard vacuum tube holder.
  • With Vaku-8+, there is a safety shield for covering the needle post-use to prevent accidental needle stick injury.