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Be it tubes, needles, or winged infusion sets, with HMD’s products, you can provide high-quality blood collection at an affordable price! HMDs safety blood collection sets are designed to meet the needs and demands of today’s healthcare market. Our vacutainer blood collection sets are easy-to-use and are designed to offer minimal pain. Also, with our rich experience, comes a greater appreciation for technology. That’s why all our blood collection apparatus are precise, sterile, and durable. Combine the advanced technology we use with our fast quotes, quick product turnaround, custom packaging, customer service, and speedy shipping, and it becomes obvious why HMD is a leading supplier of blood collection sets in India.

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We provide high-quality needles, winged infusion sets, and tubes, all under HMD’s proprietary brand – Vaku 8. Here’s a complete catalogue of blood collection solutions provided by us:



HMD’s Vaku-8 Blood collection needles offer a safe and effective way to collect blood and reduce the risk of cross-vein perforation by using a short bevel. Moreover, these needles come with a thin wall, which improves the flow rate during butterfly needle blood draw. Top and lower needle covers are also provided, which protect the needle from any damage.



Vaku 8 is HMD’s top brand when it comes to blood collection. The Vaku 8 butterfly blood collection set is a closed system that offers safe specimen collection with minimum pain. The winged set contains disposable tubes and needles, which reduces the possibility of blood exposure and cross-contamination. These are available in various sizes, ranging from 2 ml to 10 ml. Vaku+ 8 safety lock blood collection sets are also available, which provide extra protection against accidental needle pricks.



Our Vaku-8 blood sampling tubes are designed for ease-of-use, enabling you to collect a quality capillary blood sample without any hassles. These collection tubes are available for both haematology and chemistry applications and colour-coded according to the use case. Moreover, our EDTA blood collection tubes also come with EDTA as an anti-coagulant, allowing better prevention of blood cell structure.


HMD’s flexible manufacturing processes and advanced technology allow apparatus designers to fully leverage all design ideas. That’s why HMD is a partner of choice if you wish to have superior and safer piercing precision. Also, our push-button blood collection sets are sterilised using ethylene dioxide, which eliminates any harmful or foreign substances. The primary function of vacuette blood collection sets has never changed. What has changed, however, is their structure and the manufacturing processes involved. HMD has always been the first in the line when it comes to enhancing manufacturing processes and embracing new technology. And this reflects in our vacuette safety blood collection sets, which are manufactured by following all the international standards. So, if you want to improve your healthcare offerings with our vacutainer push-button blood collection sets, contact us today!


Are Blood Collection Sets single-use devices?

Yes, blood collection sets are intended for single-use to maintain hygiene and minimise the risk of contamination among patients and healthcare workers.

Are there any disposable options for blood collection sets?

Yes, there are disposable options available for blood collection sets.

Are there any disposal guidelines for used Vaku-8 products?

Yes, dispose of used Vaku-8 products in designated sharps containers following safety guidelines and local regulations.

Are there any safety features in Blood Collection Sets to prevent needlestick injuries?

Yes, some of the blood collection sets include safety features like retractable needles or shields to reduce the risk of needlestick injuries and prevent the transmission of bloodborne pathogens.

Are there any specific precautions when using Vaku-8 products?

Yes, using Vaku-8 products requires adherence to standard safety protocols and manufacturer guidelines for safe and effective blood collection.

Are there different types of Blood Collection Sets available?

Yes, there are two types of blood collection sets available in the market, Safety Blood collection Set and Non-safety blood collection set. HMD’s renowned Vaku-8 and Vaku 8+ winged blood collection set, commonly referred to as the butterfly blood collection set. These sets are available in a range of sizes and configurations to meet a variety of clinical requirements.

Can Blood Collection Sets be reused?

No. They are intended for single-use to maintain safety and prevent contamination. It is best to use a new set for each blood collection procedure to ensure accuracy and hygiene standards.

How are blood collection products used in healthcare?

Blood collection products in healthcare are used to collect blood samples from patients for diagnostic testing, medical procedures, and research purposes. They enable safe and sterile blood sampling, aiding in the accurate diagnosis and monitoring of medical conditions.

How do I choose the right Blood Collection Set for my needs?

To choose the right blood collection set, you need to consider several factors, including the needle length, tubing length, safety features, brand of the needle, and compatibility with the specific procedure and patient requirements.

How do safety blood collection sets reduce the risk of accidents?

Safety blood collection sets reduce the risk of accidents by incorporating features such as needle SIP Shield and safety locks that help shield healthcare professionals from accidental needle pricks during and after blood collection procedures.

How does a Blood Collection Set work?

A blood collection set uses a butterfly winged needle to delicately puncture a vein that facilitates the extraction of blood through a tube into a collection vacuum tube for further medical testing and other medical procedures.

How should a Blood Collection Set be disposed off after use?

After use, it is critical to dispose off the blood collection set in a puncture-resistant safety box This provides safety and reduces the chances of infection transmission.

How should Vaku-8 needles be safely disposed of after use?

Vaku-8 needles should be safely disposed of after use by placing them in a designated sharps container to prevent accidental injuries.

What are blood collection devices?

Blood collection devices are medical tools used to obtain blood samples from patients for diagnostic testing, blood transfusions, and other medical procedures.

What are blood collection products?

Blood collection products are medical devices and equipment used in healthcare settings to collect and handle blood samples for various purposes, including diagnostic testing, medical procedures, and research. These products include items such as needles, tubes, winged infusion sets, and other apparatus designed to ensure the safe and efficient collection of blood samples from patients.

What are HMD’s main products for blood collection?

HMD offers a range of high-quality blood collection products, including blood collection needles, winged infusion sets, and tubes, all under their proprietary brand called Vaku 8.

What are the 3 types of blood collection?

The three most common methods for collecting blood are venipuncture, fingerstick, and arterial sampling.

What are the advantages of using Vaku-8 blood sampling tubes?

HMD’s Vaku-8 evacuated blood sampling collection tubes are designed to collect blood directly into the tube during the venipuncture procedure and is a closed system, so it’s easy to use, enable quality capillary blood sample collection and reduces the risk of blood exposure to the phlebotomist. They are available for both haematology and chemistry applications and are color-coded according to their intended use.

What are the components of a Blood Collection System ?

It comprises a blood collection needle, collection container or vacuum tube & blood collection holder  to ensure a safe and efficient blood sampling process. In some cases blood collection sets may include a winged infusion set,commonly known as butterfly needle. This kind of needle has flexible wings on either side of the needle hub allowing easier and stable blood collection for patients with fragile veins like older or pediatric patients.

What are the potential complications associated with using a Blood Collection Set?

Using a blood collection set might lead to infection or discomfort at the puncture site if handled incorrectly without cleansing the site with an alcohol swab . It is critical to take precautions to minimise these risks.

What are Vaku-8 tubes designed for?

Vaku-8 tubes are designed for vacuum blood sampling and are used to collect high-quality capillary blood samples in a closed system. The tubes assist in collection of accurate blood samples for multiple test using a single prick.

What is a Blood Collection Set?

A blood collection set is a sterile winged needle connected to flexible tubing with or without a Luer adapter. The primary function of a blood collection set is to gently extract blood from a patient’s vein for diagnostic testing, blood transfusion, and other medical procedures.

What is the use of a blood collection set?

A blood collection set serves the purpose of drawing blood from a patient’s vein for medical testing, blood transfusion, and other medical procedures.

What makes HMD’s Vaku-8 winged set unique?

HMD’s Vaku-8 blood collection winged set are designed with a short bevel to reduce the risk of cross-vein perforation. They also have thin walls to improve flow rate during butterfly needle blood draws to pave way for improved flow rate of blood

What protective features do Vaku-8 needles have?

Vaku-8 needles have protective top and lower needle covers that safeguard the needle from damage and help reduce the risk of injury during and after use.

What safety features do Blood Collection Sets typically have?

Safety Blood collection sets usually come equipped with a protective shield that ensures there are no secondary needle stick injuries and no reuse of the device.  The Shield retracts while pulling the needle from the patient, covering the tip of the needle, this not only prevents needle stick injuries but also ensures safe disposal after use.      

What sizes are available for Vaku 8 winged sets?

Vaku 8 winged sets are available in 21G,23G,24G and 25G gauges and in multiple lengths.

What types of blood collection procedures are Vaku-8 needles suitable for?

Vaku-8 needles are suitable for various blood collection procedures, including venipuncture and capillary blood sampling.

Where can I purchase Blood Collection Sets?

You can buy blood collection sets from medical device supply stores, medical and pharmaceutical distributors and hospital purchase departments However they are not considered fit for self use.its better to go through a medical practitioner. 

Why are disposable tubes and needles used?

Disposable tubes and needles are used for hygiene and safety. They eliminate the risk of infection and cross-contamination, as they are discarded after a single use, reducing the potential for disease transmission and ensuring patient safety.

Why is blood collection important?

The process of collecting blood is crucial for disease diagnosis and health monitoring, which leads to better treatment outcomes.

Why should I use a winged blood collection system over a Blood collection needle?

For critically ill patients, for children and elderly patients where it is difficult to locate veins and for added support of movement.


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