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Be it tubes, needles, or winged infusion sets, with HMD’s products, you can provide high-quality blood collection at an affordable price! HMDs safety blood collection sets are designed to meet the needs and demands of today’s healthcare market. Our vacutainer blood collection sets are easy-to-use and are designed to offer minimal pain. Also, with our rich experience, comes a greater appreciation for technology. That’s why all our blood collection apparatus are precise, sterile, and durable. Combine the advanced technology we use with our fast quotes, quick product turnaround, custom packaging, customer service, and speedy shipping, and it becomes obvious why HMD is a leading supplier of blood collection sets in India.

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We provide high-quality needles, winged infusion sets, and tubes, all under HMD’s proprietary brand – Vaku 8. Here’s a complete catalogue of blood collection solutions provided by us:



HMD’s Vaku-8 Blood collection needles offer a safe and effective way to collect blood and reduce the risk of cross-vein perforation by using a short bevel. Moreover, these needles come with a thin wall, which improves the flow rate during butterfly needle blood draw. Top and lower needle covers are also provided, which protect the needle from any damage.



Vaku 8 is HMD’s top brand when it comes to blood collection. The Vaku 8 butterfly blood collection set is a closed system that offers safe specimen collection with minimum pain. The winged set contains disposable tubes and needles, which reduces the possibility of blood exposure and cross-contamination. These are available in various sizes, ranging from 2 ml to 10 ml. Vaku+ 8 safety lock blood collection sets are also available, which provide extra protection against accidental needle pricks.



Our Vaku-8 blood sampling tubes are designed for ease-of-use, enabling you to collect a quality capillary blood sample without any hassles. These collection tubes are available for both haematology and chemistry applications and colour-coded according to the use case. Moreover, our EDTA blood collection tubes also come with EDTA as an anti-coagulant, allowing better prevention of blood cell structure.



HMD’s flexible manufacturing processes and advanced technology allow apparatus designers to fully leverage all design ideas. That’s why HMD is a partner of choice if you wish to have superior and safer piercing precision. Also, our push-button blood collection sets are sterilised using ethylene dioxide, which eliminates any harmful or foreign substances. The primary function of vacuette blood collection sets has never changed. What has changed, however, is their structure and the manufacturing processes involved. HMD has always been the first in the line when it comes to enhancing manufacturing processes and embracing new technology. And this reflects in our vacuette safety blood collection sets, which are manufactured by following all the international standards. So, if you want to improve your healthcare offerings with our vacutainer push-button blood collection sets, contact us today!


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