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Getting pricked by injection is never a pleasant feeling for patients. The risk of contamination also adds to a patient’s worries. Thus, many medical professionals use alcohol swabs to disinfect the skin before an injection.

Alcohol swabs are prep pads or alcohol wipes saturated with 60-70% isopropyl alcohol. These are used to prep the skin before an injection. However,  there is a long-standing debate on whether they are more effective than ordinary cotton balls.

So, here are some benefits of alcohol swabs to prove their importance in medical practices.

Prevent infections

When a patient walks in, it is unknown to the doctor or nurse how to clean the patient’s skin. So, alcohol swabs are widely used to control infection. These remove the bacteria that injection could push into the puncture, preventing severe infection.

Cotton balls can only clean the larger dirt particles leaving the bacteria on the skin. This makes patients prone to infections at the injection site.

Easy-to-use equipment

Alcohol swabs come in sealed packets for single use. Therefore, there are no chances of these being infected with bacteria from the surroundings. On the other hand, cotton balls generally come in continuous rolls. Once the roll is opened, it is susceptible to dust particles and bacteria in the surroundings.

Also, alcohol swabs come in various sizes, making it easy for professionals to use them for different purposes.

Clean minor wounds

Alcohol is an excellent antiseptic. Wiping minor wounds with an alcohol swab can prevent the growth of microorganisms on it. This reduces the chances of infection, sepsis, or putrefaction.

Helps in complying with protocols

According to Best Injection Practices Guidelines by the World Health Organisation (WHO), medical professionals must disinfect the skin using a 60-70% alcohol-based solution before giving an injection.

If you use a cotton ball, you must first dip it in an alcohol solution and then use it to clean the area. In contrast, an alcohol swab comes pre-moistened with alcohol in convenient packaging for easy use and storage.

In Conclusion

Alcohol Swabs are inexpensive to prevent diseases that may arise from bacterial infections. One of the leading brands in the healthcare industry, HMD, also offers alcohol swabs under its brand Dispocann. They are made of unwoven cellulose, making them a soft and robust product for medical purposes. So, switch your cotton balls with alcohol swabs to provide quality treatment to your patients.

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