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Different Types of Needles Used in Blood Collection
Different Types of Needles Used in Blood Collection

Blood collection is one of the most common methods to diagnose and monitor patient health. And an essential consideration in the venipuncture process is the needle being used.

There are different types of needles for collecting blood samples that ensure their integrity and patient comfort. And over time, these have evolved to offer more flexibility and greater accessibility to aid healthcare professionals during procedures. Here are the different types of needles that phlebotomists use for venipuncture.

  1. Straight Needle

This blood collection needle is suitable for multiple samples as it allows for many tubes to be attached successively. Its straight, thin design requires precision on the part of the healthcare professional and might be painful for the patient.

However, its benefits include reduced needlestick injuries, quality venous samples and affordability.  These are usually available in 21 and 22 gauge.

  1. Butterfly Needle

These are also known as winged infusion sets or scalp vein sets. It gets its unique name from its innovative design. The butterfly needle is thin and short, with two plastic appendages on either side that look like a butterfly’s wings.

This angled, bevelled needle increases accessibility and flexibility during venipuncture. Because of this feature, it is ideal for patients being treated for seizures, unrestrained tremors, blood disorders and the like.

Further, its thin, ease-of-use design makes it suitable for children and the elderly who might have thin, fragile veins that are difficult to puncture. Most butterfly needles have a gauge range between 18 to 27.

  1. Vacutainer Needle

As the name suggests, this needle offers a complete system for drawing blood into a vacuum blood collection tube. It has a rubber sleeve at one end that creates a vacuum within the tube, making blood collection easier.

The tubes attached to the needle contain different preservatives like anti-coagulants that protect the sample’s integrity for extended periods. The needle’s size ranges from 1 to 1.5 inches, and its gauge is from 19 to 22.

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