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Get Unmatched Precision with HMD’s Premium Surgical Blades
HMD's Premium Surgical Blades

Surgical Blades, also known as scalpels, are essential to surgical procedures. These medical instruments are used to cut skin and tissue and aid healthcare professionals during critical operations. To ensure precision and accuracy, surgical blades have different shapes and sizes as well. These are denoted by the number engraved into them.

There are different types of scalpels, each with an individual number and designed for a specific function. For instance, surgical blade #10 is ideal for making large incisions, while surgical blade #12 has a curved design meant for cutting sutures.

There are many manufacturers that provide surgical blades. But there are none like HMD healthcare. Our premium line-up is ergonomically designed, gamma sterilised, and packed safely to preserve their integrity.

Our superior surgical knives give our customers unmatched precision and ease of use. We offer scalpels under two renowned brands.

Glass Van Surgical Blades

The Glass Van range of surgical blades has been one of the leaders in the market because of its superior design and robust build. We at HMD healthcare have been using Swiss-made carbon steel for our surgical instruments because of their unparalleled sharpness and ease of use.

Following are some of the features of this range.

  • These are manufactured in compliance with ISO:7740
  • These are individually packaged in an aluminium covering with a convenient peel-able seal for quick use
  • These are sterilised using 2.5 Mrad gamma radiation for higher sterility assurance
  • These surgical blades are coated with VCI paper for protection against rust or corrosion

Technocut Surgical Blades

This range is made with premium quality carbon and stainless swiss imported steel and individually packed in VCI coated paper lining in aluminium foil. These are specially ergonomically designed with edge retention capabilities for added efficiency.

These come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of their distinguishing features are as follows.

  • These are manufactured in compliance with ISO: 770
  • These are sterilised using 2.5 Mrad gamma radiation for better sterility assurance
  • These are also available in podiatry, stitch cutters and miniature variants to facilitate better use

Wrapping Up

Both the Glass Van and the Technocut surgical blade range enable healthcare professionals to make accurate and precise incisions, making them one of the best surgical blades on the market. Not only that, but we also provide them at affordable prices.

At Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices (HMD), we strive to improve the lives of patients and medical professionals alike by providing medical instruments that meet international standards. With our 65 years of experience, our offerings are designed keeping in mind the needs of our customers and packaged securely after sterilisation.

Being well-recognized market leaders, our products are known for their assured reliability and durability. Therefore, when you trust our surgical instruments, you benefit from our uncompromising quality and superb accuracy and gain confidence that your medical equipment meets sterilisation standards.

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