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I.V. Cannula: Types and Their Applications

An I.V. Cannula is a small tube inserted into a vein, usually in the arm or hand of the patient, to deliver medications and fluids and to draw blood samples. The tube is typically inserted with a needle, which is then removed, leaving the cannula in place. The cannula is then secured in place with a bandage or tape.

At HMD healthcare, we offer a range of I.V. cannulas manufactured using sterile, non-toxic material. They provide a secure alternative to medical professionals for various medical applications. Each of these I.V. cannulas serve a distinct function and are utilized for various treatments. Let’s examine each I.V. cannula in detail.

Kitkath I.V. Cannula

Kitkath I.V. Cannula is one of the most affordable I.V. cannulas that provide the highest level of patient safety and convenience for healthcare professionals. It includes a unique, low-pressure injection valve with an easy-to-open injection port cap. The angled and grooved wings provide simple fixation, preventing rolling and shifting of the cannula inside the patient’s body.

Kitkath + I.V. Cannula

Kitkath + I.V. Cannula is manufactured using entirely automated technology and goes through visual inspection to verify the catheter’s placement and tip. It has an additional Luer lock, which lowers the chance of blood spillage and cross-contamination.

Cathy I.V. Cannula

The smooth penetration of this I.V. cannula provides a successful blood collection and infusion experience while lowering the risk of trauma and vein perforation. The wings are made from high-quality polypropylene for better compatibility with various medications.

Cathy + Safety I.V. Cannula

This single-use I.V. cannula includes a SIP clip to protect against needlestick injuries. It ensures minimal pain during blood withdrawals and transfusions, even at the most delicate I.V. cannulation sites.

Cathy + Neo I.V. Cannula

Cathy + Neo I.V. Cannula is specifically designed for use in new borns and children. It has a SIP clip, which protects against accidental needle sticks, and an “Instant Flashback Visualisation” feature that makes it simpler to cannulate a patient successfully on the first attempt.

Cathula I.V. Cannula

This sterile, single-use I.V. cannula eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. The wings are made of non-toxic, medical-grade polypropylene, which is easy to handle and compatible with all medications. The Luer lock is attached to a blood-stopper, allowing air to escape while preventing blood from spilling.

Cathula + Safety I.V. Cannula

Cathula + Safety I.V. Cannula includes a TIP clip that provides extra protection from needlesticks. The angled and grooved wings offer better grip and precise penetration. Since these I.V. cannulas can be used only once, they minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

Cathula + Neo I.V. Cannula

Cathula + Neo I.V. Cannula offers unique benefits for patients and healthcare workers. With its help, you can impeccably inject medications into the syringe without a needle, which reduces the risk of accidental needle sticks. Specially designed for neonates and children, this I.V. Cannula comes with an “Instant Flashback Visualization” feature, which aids in successful cannulation on the first attempt.


At HMD healthcare, our team of experts present an unmatched quality range of medical devices manufactured using top-notch raw materials. Our cannulas are manufactured in a wide range of sizes to accommodate a variety of applications.

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