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Disposable Syringes

Disposable syringes are preferred by medical practitioners globally. The reason is that, unlike other syringes, disposable syringes are meant to be used only once. However, even though disposable syringes help lower the chances of blood contamination and the spread of infectious diseases, medical professionals must follow proper techniques while using them.

Here are the techniques to follow when administering medication with disposable syringes.

  • Ensure Hygiene

Medical professionals must ensure the use of sterile gloves and medical equipment when handling a disposable syringe. This prevents contamination and ensures safety for both patients and healthcare professionals during medical procedures.

  • Prevent Needle Contamination

Contaminating the needle can compromise the health of the patient. And so, all efforts must be taken to ensure that the needle is in its safe encasement until the time of the medical procedure.

Once ready for use, medical professionals must wear sterile gloves when handling the needle.

  • Prepare the Site

Before a medical procedure, healthcare professionals must apply an alcohol swab on the patient’s skin. They should rub that swab in circular motions for about 15 seconds and then wait around 30 seconds for the area to dry. This process prepares the skin at the needle insertion site, ensuring it is clean and prepped for the medical procedure.

  • Use Single-Dose Vials

It is advised to use single-dose vials. This ensures that the disposable syringe’s needle does not come in contact with contaminated medication. If you find the sterility questionable or compromised, discard it immediately.

  • Always Use Sterile Equipment

Each patient must be treated with a single-use syringe or needle. The same syringe or needle must not be used for another patient.

Before use, check if the package is unopened. Any rips or tears in the disposable syringe’s packaging can indicate contamination. In such a case, the disposable syringe must be discarded to prevent injuries. When removing the top cover from needle, ensure it doesn’t touch the needle tip else it will get blunt and can lead to painful insertion for the patients

  • Dispose of the Syringe and Needle Appropriately

Once the medical procedure is over, the disposable syringe must be placed in a ‘safety box’ – a sharps container specifically designed to hold used or contaminated medical devices and subsequently incinerated.


Ensuring proper technique and expertise while administering medication with disposable syringes is vital, alongside the use of quality medical equipment.

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