Marker Labels

The needle gauge system, often referred to as ‘G’ is an internationally-referred scale for sizing needles. The system was adopted from already existing gauges, which were used to size metal wires. The gauge size of a needle indicates the diameter of the lumen. If the gauge is higher, the diameter will be smaller. A high gauge needle will cause less pain than a needle with a lesser gauge. Let’s look at the gauge sizes of some of the most popular needles used worldwide.

Hypodermic Needles

Hypodermic needles are affordable, thus, extensively used in healthcare facilities and immunisation camps. Dispojekt, Dispovan Single Use Needles and Dispovan Pen Needles are the three types of hypodermic needles offered by HMD. The needles come in different sizes and each has a specific use and purpose.


Understanding the Basics of Needle Gauge

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