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Experience superior blood specimen collection with HMD’s premium range of blood collection needles. A needle used for blood collection must be sharp, but at the same time, must offer minimal pain to the patient. HMD fulfils both these requirements with our top-notch VaKu-8 Blood Collection Needles. We manufacture our needles using the best raw materials and ensure secure packaging and quality sterilisation. Also, we provide a variety of blood collection needle sizes, all of which come with colour-coding according to application. The best part? All of our offerings come at an affordable price!

Our Products

Vaku – 8 Blood Collection Needles

HMD’s Vaku-8 Blood collection needles offer a practical and secure way to collect blood and reduce the risk of cross-vein perforation, thanks to its short bevel. Furthermore, these needles feature thin walls, which enhance the flow rate during blood collection. Top and lower needle covers are also provided, which shield the needle from any damage. Here are some more features of our Vaku – 8 blood collection Needles:
  • Manufactured using cold-rolled stainless steel
  • Seal-packed with a self-adhesive, tamper-evident label
  • Sterilised using ethylene dioxide
  • It has a shelf life of three years
  • Siliconised needle for minimal pain and friction
  • Variety of blood draw needle sizes available

What’s the HMD Advantage?

When you choose HMD’s Vaku-8 blood collection needle, you not only receive the best product in the market but also get instant assistance, courtesy of our dedicated customer service team. Also, when it comes to quality assurance, HMD meets all international standards, including ICMED: 13485, ISO: 13485, MDSAP and ISO: 9001. Moreover, the variety of blood collection needle gauges provided by us ensures that you have the right solution for various problems. So if you’re looking for efficient blood collection solutions, contact us today!
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