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Introducing Dispojekt Syringe by HMD – India's first-ever safety syringe with SIP shield technology. Designed to improve safety standards for healthcare workers, the Dispojekt Syringe emphasises safety not only during needle insertion but also before and after. With over 2 million annual needlestick injuries among healthcare workers, the risk of 20 infectious diseases.

Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV, is significant. Dispojekt Safety Syringes significantly reduce needlestick injuries, promoting the well-being of healthcare workers and safeguarding them from fatal diseases.

Dispojekt Syringe

To administer the medication with the Dispojekt Syringe, gently press the plunger down. After administering the dose, take the needle out and push the SIP shield until it completely covers the needle. The transparent shield ensures your fingers do not come into contact with the needle, eliminating any chance of accidental pricks. Place the syringe on the table at the right angle and press down hard until you hear a confirmatory click. The click sound indicates the needle is securely sealed inside the shield and cannot be used again. This is all possible using a single hand gesture.


Dispojekt Syringe is compatible with the existing injection technique and no further training is needed. Furthermore, the needle is made of high-grade materials, which guarantees exceptional quality. In addition to its innovative safety features, what sets it apart is its reasonable price, making it an affordable and dependable option compared to other options from across the world.


Features Of Dispojekt Syringe

Here are some of the salient features of the Dispojekt Syringe:

  • It comes with a translucent safety mechanism that makes it easy to operate with one hand

  • The SIP shield ensures a gentle closure, preventing any aerosols or contaminants that could enter through blood spatter

  • The needle is coated with silicon, which minimises penetration and gliding force

  • Once used, the needle locks automatically, eliminating the possibility of reuse

  • Available in 2ml, 3ml and 5ml sizes to cater to diverse needs


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