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Augment your diagnostic capabilities and offer better patient comfort with HMD’s cutting-edge IV cannulas. IV cannulas, which stand for Intravenous Cannulas, are primarily used for repeatedly injecting medications and other fluids into the body, parental nutrition, infusions/blood transfusions, clinical peripheral vascular system injection, or emergency rescue We at HMD offer three different brands of high-quality I.V. cannulas online, which are available in different needle gauges and sizes. With distribution chains across developing and developed markets alike, our medical products are uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for healthcare professionals. Moreover, our attractive I.V. cannula prices make it all the more worthwhile to invest in our healthcare products.

Our Catalogue of Products

We offer I.V. Cannulas under our three proprietary brands – Kitkath, Cathy, and Cathula.

Cathy I.V. Cannulas

Our Cathy cannulas provide an effective blood infusion and collection experience and minimise the risk of vein perforation and trauma, courtesy of the less penetration force it requires. Equipped with a bevel ‘back’ cut point, its stainless steel needle offers seamless catheterisation.

Cathy + IV Cannulas

HMD’s state-of-the-art, single-use Cathy+ cannulas facilitate smooth blood withdrawals and transfusions with minimal pain even in the most delicate of injection sites. It requires lesser penetration force as opposed to traditional PTFE catheters, reducing the risk of phlebitis.

Kitkath IV Cannulas

Our best-in-breed Kitkath cannulas provide optimum safety for the patients and unparalleled convenience for healthcare workers. Manufactured using top-of-the-shelf raw materials and automated processes, our IV cannulas leave no stone unturned when it comes to durability and precision

Kitkath + IV Cannulas

If you want to increase the safety quotient, try out our Kitkath + cannulas. These come with an additional Luer lock which allows air to escape and reduce blood spillage.

Cathula IV Cannulas

HMD’s Cathula range of cannulas has wings made up of non-toxic, medical-grade polypropylene, which is compatible with a wide range of medications and facilitates easy handling. The receiving end of the IV cannula has an injection port with a 6% Luer taper, as per the ISO: 80369 guidelines.

Cathula + IV Cannulas

I.V.Cannula is designed to provide 'Involuntary Activated Safety'- an intuitive mechanism that requires no additional training of the health staff and strives to make I.V. insertion and introducer needle extraction completely safe.

Why Choose HMD?

Our USP lies in the varied types of IV Cannulas we offer. Moreover, our expert quality checkers ensure to bring forth a peerless quality range that is crafted using optimum grade raw materials. Plus, we manufacture our IV cannula sets in a range of sizes, keeping in mind its various medical and lab applications. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to check out our complete range of IV Cannulas to meet your every day need.
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