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Technocut Scalpels

Technocut Scalpels
The Technocut Scalpels comprise of Steel Blades with Ergonomically Designed Handles for Better Feel & Finer Precision. They are assembled with premium quality in-house manufactured Swiss Stainless-Steel Blades. A scalpel, often referred to as a surgical blade, is a compact, highly sharp medical tool, which resembles a knife and is used by surgeons to perform incisions during surgeries or dissection. We, at HMD, offer the disposable scalpel under our Technocut brand. Our Technocut scalpels are sterilised after packaging, and therefore, can be used immediately after opening without the need for performing any more hygiene-related interventions. The blade is sterilised using gamma radiation, the highly energetic nature of which destroys any harmful pathogens on the surface of the metal. The blade is crafted from premium-quality Swiss Carbon steel and Stainless-steel. Handling is pretty satisfying, courtesy of the ergonomically designed handle, enabling surgeons to make clean, precise incisions. The handle also offers an uncompromising grip, providing the operator more control over the blade, thereby enhancing safety and minimising any room for error or accident. Also, since it’s a disposable scalpel, you don’t have to worry about resharpening the blade after every use. Just open the packet, use it, and dispose it off. The best thing about using disposable scalpels is that you reduce the risk of cross-contamination, thereby preventing the spread of harmful, potentially fatal, bloodborne diseases.

Here are some of the salient features of our Technocut Scalpels:

  • Manufactured in compliance with ISO:7740
  • Manufactured using high-quality Stainless-steel and Swiss Carbon Steel
  • It can be used by dentists, chiropodists, and surgeons
  • CE marked under Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)
  • Sterilised using 2.5 Mrad of Gamma radiation, ensuring sterility assurance level in the range of 10^-6
  • It comes with a removable plastic sheath to prevent accidental contact
  • It comes in small, large, podiatry, and miniature blade variants. Stich cutters are also available. Each variety features a wide range of blade size choices.
Get in touch with HMD today, order our premium Technocut scalpels, and offer your healthcare workers the safety, precision, and reliability they deserve.
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