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Unolok Single Use Needles
Needles and syringes are an essential part of patient care. Mainly used in administering medicines and blood collection, these tools allow patients to ingest medicines indirectly and also enable medical practitioners to conduct diagnostic tests. However, there are always two sides to a coin. <br>Needle reuse in the medical industry has led to increased cross-contamination cases. Due to this, patients, and even healthcare providers, are now exposed to the threatening risk of blood-borne diseases. To help organisations provide better worker and patient safety, we at HMD have launched single-use needles under our Unolok brand to curb the cross-contamination threat. <br>As the name suggests, these needles can only be used once, after which they need to be disposed of. This reduces the chances of two people being pricked with the same needle. Plus, all our needles align with international health standards, such as ISO: 7864, ISO: 6009, and IS:10654.
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Here are some salient features of our Unolok Single Use Needles.

  • The needle tube is thin walled which allows a larger internal diameter resulting in improved flow rate.
  • Crafted using high-precision CNC machines, operated by skilled technicians
  • Colour-coded as per ISO:6009 regulations
  • Manufactured with non-toxic, medical-grade polypropylene, a non-reactive compound compatible with a variety of medications
  • Constructed from imported, cold-rolled stainless-steel strips
  • Regular camera check for burs, blockage, and hooks to guarantee 100% quality control, allowing for superior precision
  • In line with ISO:7864/IS:10654 standards
  • Siliconised needles to eliminate any resistance during injection and withdrawal
  • Automated packaging and assembling of the needles, leaving no room for human error
  • SUS 304 stainless steel used as raw material to manufacture burr-free, 3-facet lancet points
  • Available in a variety of gauge sizes and diameters, ranging from 16G to 27G 0.4-1.60mm respectively, and suitable for a variety of applications

All our Unolok single-use needle are packed in tamper-evident blister packs, allowing you to identify if there’s been any tinkering with the packet. Plus, we use medical-grade paper when packaging our needles, ensuring that the reliability and the sterility of the needles remain intact.

Precautions to Follow Before Using our Unolok Single-Use needle

It’s essential to check the seal of our needle packs for any tampering before using the needle on a patient. If you do find the seal to be broken, dispose of the needle and open a new one. Also, don’t pierce the needle to the hard plastic, as it can block the needle’s orifice.

Moreover, remember to store the needle in a pest-free and dry space, preferably one that isn’t exposed to excessive heat. To avoid rusting or corrosion, make sure to keep the needles away from corrosive/acidic fumes.

Enhance the safety of the healthcare services you provide by buying our top-of-the-line Unolok Single-Use Syringes today!