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Scalp vein sets, also called winged infusion sets or butterfly vein sets, are devices used to puncture a vein to administer an injection or perform phlebotomy. This device comprises two bendable appendages, termed “wings,” a hypodermic needle for injection, and a linking mechanism that connects the scalp vein set to another instrument, say a syringe or an extension tube joined to an IV drip. HMD is a manufacturer of cutting-edge scalp vein sets, which offer unparalleled piercing power, and cause minimal pain to the patients. The scalp vein sets are offered in two variants:

  • Non-safety
  • Safety
Let’s look at our Non-safety Scalp Vein Sets.



HMD has been selling non-safety butterfly needles under the Unolok brand for over 30 years now. Our Unolok scalp vein sets feature a one-of-a-kind wing design that allows for an easy grip and fix. It also has a non-slippage design, which allows for safe blood collection and medication delivery. Here are some other features of our Unolok non-safety butterfly needles:

  • Ideal needle geometry for minimal pain and precise injection
  • Translucent linking tube for easy observation
  • Tiny bevels to avoid vein perforation
  • Siliconised needles for minimal friction
  • PVC Luer mount for a secure fit



If you want an ideal instrument for medication administration and blood collection, our Scalpvan non-safety scalp butterfly needle is the right choice. It features a flexible and soft Luer mount adapter as well as a push-fit type of cap. The perfect needle geometry enables unrestricted blood flow while causing minimal trauma. Here are some other features of our Scalpvan non-safety butterfly vein sets:

  • PVC blister packaging
  • Siliconised needles for minimal pain and precise penetration and blood withdrawal
  • Thin-walled needle for a larger inner diameter, facilitating smooth infusion and flow
  • Translucent tube for easy observation
  • Has a short bevel to reduce chances of vein perforation


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