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Dispo Van Single Use Needles
With the cases of cross-contamination on a steady rise worldwide, the need for improving medical hygiene is currently at its peak. The main reason behind this growing problem is the reuse of medical tools, specifically needles and syringes. Reusing the same syringe on two different patients drastically increases the chances of spreading blood-borne diseases, including dangerous ailments such as AIDS and other life-threatening diseases. To help medical practitioners curb this problem and provide reliable and safe patient care, HMD has introduced a range of single-use needles under our Dispo Van brand. Manufactured using high-quality, cold-rolled stainless steel, our Dispo Van single-use needles offer unmatched precision, along with minimal pain to the patient, courtesy of our leading-edge Japanese manufacturing technology. Talking about manufacturing, our Dispo Van single-use needles are ground on top-of-the-line machinery and assembled and packed using automated devices. With our reliable manufacturing processes, we ensure 100% quality control to give you the precision, durability, and ease you deserve.
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Here are some key features of our Dispo Van Single Use Needles.

  • Crafted using medical-grade, non-toxic polypropylene compatible with a wide range of medications
  • The needle tube is thin walled which allows a larger internal diameter resulting in improved flow rate.
  • Needles are ground using high-precision CNC machines, manned by skilled operators
  • Cannulas are crafted from imported, cold-rolled stainless-steel strips
  • Camera check for hooks, burs, and blockage, ensuring 100% automated quality control and enabling superior precision to minimise pain
  • Siliconised needles to minimise resistance during penetration and withdrawal
  • Automated machines are used for packaging and assembling the needles, reducing the room for human error
  • Available in a variety of diameters and gauge sizes, ranging from 0.4-1.60mm and 16G to 27G, respectively
  • Colour coded according to ISO:6009
  • Conforms to ISO:7864/IS:10654 standards

The needles are packed in tamper-evident blister packs, making it easier to identify whether the product was tampered with. Moreover, it comes with an easily peelable cover, made with medical-grade paper, to ensure ease of use and reliability of product sterility.

Precautions to Keep in Mind Before Using our Dispo Van Single-Use Needle

Before you use the needle on a patient, make sure you check whether the seal is tampered with or not. If it is, dispose of the needle and use another one.

It’s best to store the needle in a dry and pest-free space and avoid exposing it to too much heat. Also, to avoid rust, ensure to keep it away from corrosive/acidic fumes.

Lastly, don’t pierce the needle through the hard plastic wall, as it may result in needle blockage.

Think our product would be suitable for your daily healthcare needs? Get in touch with us today to know our prices or place an order.

Key Highlights

  • Extra thin wall
  • Cannula made from imported cold-rolled stainless  steel strips in-house
  • The tip of needles are grounded using high-precision CNC machines by skilled operators
  • Siliconized to minimise drag during penetration and withdrawal
  • Vision  Camera check for burs, hook and blockage; ensures 100% automated quality control enabling superior sharpness to minimise pain
  • Assembled and packaged on totally automated machines



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