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Every breakthrough in medical technology brings us closer to enhanced patient safety and care. One remarkable advancement that has piqued the attention of medical professionals worldwide is HMD’s series of single-use syringes and needles with cutting-edge safety features. These medical devices not only revolutionise injection safety but also play a vital role in healthcare advancement.

HMD’s Line of Single-Use Syringes

1. Dispo Van Single-Use Hypodermic Syringe and Needle :

This three-piece disposable syringe includes a specialised piston that prevents leakage. The barrel holds the medication or fluid for injection, with clear markings for accurate dosage. The plunger smoothly pushes the medication or fluid through the needle. The needle is well-siliconised to ensure a smooth insertion with minimal pain. They are also used for extraction of blood.

2. Unolok Single-use Hypodermic Syringe and Needle :

This syringe comprises a Luer Lock hub for a more secure and comfortable fitment. A siliconised rubber piston ensures smooth injection and aspiration motion without causing scratches. Dentists and cardiologists prefer these syringes because they require a steady and secure solution to meet their specific demands.

3. Auto Disable Syringe :

The Kojak Selinge Auto Disable syringe features a unique Ring & Lock mechanism that prevents syringe reuse. Once used, the plunger locks, eliminating the possibility of reuse. This lowers the risk of syringe reuse and encourages safe injection practices.

4. Dispojekt Safety Syringe with Needle :

The Dispojekt safety syringe and needle is India’s first-ever safety syringe with a SIP (Sharps Injury prevention) shield, protecting healthcare workers from needlestick injuries and the potential transmission of bloodborne diseases. The translucent safety mechanism can be activated single-handedly, ensuring ease of use for healthcare workers while retaining control over safety features. An audible click sound confirms the secure lock, making the syringe non-reusable.

Benefits of HMD’s Single-Use Syringes

The table below elucidates the benefits of HMD’s single-use syringes, promoting enhanced injection safety.

 Dispojekt Cutting-Edge Safety   Features These syringes have innovative safety features that minimise the risk of needlestick injuries.
 Dispo Van User-Friendly Design The ergonomic design prioritises user comfort and ease of handling, lowering the possibility of administration errors and improving overall injection safety.
 Unolok Minimised Cross-   Contamination Single-use syringes minimise the possibility of cross-contamination, assuring the safety of patients and healthcare workers.
 Kojak Improved Patient Comfort The safety features instil trust and confidence in patients, contributing to a positive healthcare experience.

 TPE Compatibility with Various   Applications

From immunisations to blood collection procedures, these single-use syringes have been designed to meet the various requirements of healthcare providers.

Consistent quality is the cornerstone of success for HMD , representing a commitment to delivering products or services that meet or exceed customer expectations for the past 67 years. Achieving consistent quality requires meticulous attention to detail, rigorous quality control measures, and a dedication to continuous improvement throughout the production or service delivery process. By maintaining high standards and ensuring uniformity in output, HMD’s trust with their customers has built brand loyalty, and differentiate them from other competitors in the markets. 


The advancements in injection safety, specifically with HMD’s single-use syringes and hypodermic needles, including insulin pen needles, mark a significant milestone in healthcare. By prioritising the safety of patients and healthcare workers, these medical devices signal a new era in which injection risks are reduced, resulting in a safer healthcare environment.

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