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Single-use syringes, often known as disposable syringes, have been one of the most notable advancements in the healthcare industry. These safety devices allow healthcare professionals to administer medications and vaccines mitigating the risk of transmitting blood borne diseases from one patient to other.

This is because they are specially designed for one-time use and must be disposed of afterwards. Their mechanism automatically renders them for single use, prompting healthcare professionals to immediately dispose of them in safety boxes.

Here, we will discuss the benefits and costs of single-use syringes to help you determine whether to incorporate them into your medical applications.

Benefits of Single-Use Syringes

1. Reduced Liability Cost :

Potential liability cost due to needle stick injuries or infection due to reuse can be avoided

2. Mitigate Risk of Infections :

Blood-borne diseases and infections transmitted through the reuse of medical syringes are no longer an issue since these syringes can only be used once.  

3. Time Saving :

Since these syringes are intended for one-time use, healthcare professionals are not required to sanitise them after use. They must be simply disposed of in a sharps container.

4. Affordably Priced :

Single-use syringes can be easily mass-produced and supplied at a reasonable price.

5. Improve Patients Satisfaction :

Gives satisfaction to patients due to perceived safety and hygiene practice

6.Improve Healthcare Workers Satisfaction and Retention :

The healthcare workers morale gets boosted because of enhanced safety measure and this helps in retaining them

Cost of Single-Use Syringes

As mentioned above, single-use needle syringes are affordably priced. The cost might vary slightly depending on the manufacturer, but these are still less expensive than regular syringes with numerous uses.

So, when considering the cost-benefit analysis of single-use syringes, these become an obvious first choice for healthcare professionals. They offer a safer alternative to regular syringes and come at a cheaper price. Moreover using alternative option there will be further increase of cost because of their impact in sterilisation, Disposal and environment.

HMD’s Single-Use Syringes

Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices (HMD) uses their 67 years of expertise in manufacturing medical devices to offer you three varieties of single-use syringes:

1.  Dispovan Single-use Syringes:

These single-use syringes are three-piece syringes with gasket, plunger and barrels, meets daily physician needs

2. Unolok Single-use Syringes:

These syringes have a Luer-Lock hub for a more secure and better fitment.

3. Perfektum TPE Syringes :

The Luer mount syringe with a transparent plunger is a medical device designed for precise measurement and administration of fluids, medications, and other substances in various healthcare settings. This syringe design combines the functionality of a Luer mount connection, which allows for easy attachment to needles and other devices, with the added benefit of a transparent plunger, providing clear visibility of the contents being drawn or expelled.

As one of India’s most promising medical device manufacturers, HMD provides a wide range of high-quality, low-cost medical devices, including syringes, needles, insulin syringes, I.V. cannulas, surgical blades, and blood collection systems. To learn more about our single-use syringes, visit the HMD website today!

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