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In India, there are around 700-800 medical equipment companies with an average turnover of $ 6.2-6.9 million. The current market size is estimated at $ 11 billion, growing steadily at a CAGR of 15% over the last 3 years.

Almost 65% of all medical device manufacturers in India are domestic players producing consumables and disposables like needles, syringes, etc. Large multinational companies lead this sector with extensive service networks. One such company is Hindustan Syringes and Medical Devices (HMD).

About HMD

The company was established in 1957 by (Late) Mr Narindra Nath with the motive of producing low-cost medical equipment for hospitals and healthcare facilities. Today worldwide, it is among the top five manufacturers and distributors of high-quality medical devices.

Key Products

HMD has an extensive product portfolio of essential products designed for optimum efficiency and effectiveness.

  1. Syringes

The journey started by producing glass syringes in 1959 under India’s first Indo-Japanese joint venture. Today, HMD has a vast range of Hypodermic Syringes manufactured for different purposes.

  1. Needle

HMD manufactures several kinds of Hypodermic Needles designed to offer maximum efficiency during medical procedures. Dispovan, a single-use disposable needle is one of their major product in this category

  1. V. Cannulas

HMD is an ISO, ICMED and MDSAP certified global supplier of high-quality I.V. Cannulas used in blood transfusions, parent nutrition or administering other fluids into the body. It sells a variety of safety and non-safety cannulas under three proprietary brands – Kitkath, Cathy and Cathula.

  1. Scalp Vein Set

HMD’s Scalpvan scalp vein sets are a key product in their portfolio. It allows medical professionals to administer medications or carry out blood perfusions at an affordable price. The scalp vein sets meet all international quality standards and offer maximum assistance in diagnostic or treatment procedures.

  1. Blades & Scalpel

With years of industry experience and commitment to technology, HMD has produced precise and convenient surgical blades & scalpels. It sells these products under two proprietary brands, Glass van and Technocut.

  1. Blood Collection Sets

HMD offers tubes, needles and winged collection sets under the brand Vaku 8. Its products combine advanced technology with custom packaging, assisting medical professionals in several healthcare procedures.

  1. Accessories

Apart from needles and syringes, HMD also produces a variety of accessories that help healthcare professionals provide quality treatments. This includes a 3-way stop cock, Dispocann Alcohol Swabs and Kojak Safety Box.

In Conclusion

Operating 310 days a year, HMD’s plants are bolstered with facilities for high-speed assembly and packing of essential medical products. And they will continue to offer their wide range of products at affordable prices to support quality treatments all over the country.

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